‘The Exorcist’: Linda Blair Reportedly Joins Blumhouse Reboot!!

2023 has already been an amazing year for returning horror franchises. However, one of the most intriguing series returning later this year is The Exorcist directed by Halloween’s David Gordon Green. As we have gotten closer to the legacy sequel’s October release date, horror fans have slowly started learning more and more information about the film. Now, it’s being reported that Linda Blair is returning as her iconic character Regan MacNeil in the new Exorcist film.

This report comes from Above The Line who say their sources told them that Blair was only on the set for a couple of days and will have a small role in the film. A Blumhouse spokesperson also specifically told the outlet that, “Linda Blair served as an advisor on the upcoming Exorcist film.” If this is indeed true Blair would rejoin co-star Ellen Burstyn who played Regan’s mother Chris MacNeil in the original film.

The first Exorcist film which was released in 1973, based on the William Peter Blatty book of the same name, is still one of the scariest films ever made. That film followed a young girl, Regan, who gets possessed by the demon Pazuzu. Whether it was the slow burn chilling atmosphere or the demonic imagery that was ahead of its time or the iconic scenes of Regan throwing up, spinning her head, and crab walking backwards down the stairs, this is one of Warner Brothers horror national treasures. Plus the classic film is coming to 4K for the first time as a part of WB’s 100-year birthday celebration.

What’s the New Exorcist About?

While there’s still a lot unknown about the new film’s plot, it will follow a father played by Leslie Odom Jr., whose daughter has become the victim of a demonic possession. This causes him to go to Chris MacNeil for her help as she’s well versed in that kind of traumatic experience. Because of this, it would make sense that Regan would appear in the film. Blair’s character hasn’t been seen since the less than stellar Exorcist II: The Heretic, so it would be nice to see the actress return to the character for the first time in almost five decades. Alongside Odom Jr. and Burstyn, the sequel will star Ann Dowd, Lidya Jewett, Raphael Sbarge, Jennifer Nettles, and Olivia Marcum.

When Does The Exorcist Release?

The new Exorcist is releasing on October 13, 2023, exclusively in theaters. It’s the planned first part of a new trilogy. While horror fans anxiously wait to see if Blair will return, you can view the original Exorcist’s trailer down below.

via Collider

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