‘Longest Third Date’ Trailer Teases a True Lockdown Love Story!! Check It Out!!

The COVID-19 pandemic brought untold difficulties to billions of people around the world including a certain adventurous couple Matt Robertson and Khani Le. For those unfamiliar with the couple, Matt and Khani were just regular Americans who were flung from obscurity to fame after the global lockdown turned their weekend date trip into the longest third date of their lives. Their story has received wide coverage across the media and now, Netflix is spotlighting their story in an upcoming documentary soon to be released on their platform.

Matt and Khani met on the popular dating app Hinge where they were matched and decided to go out on their first date. A second date soon followed as sparks quickly flew between them. Then for their third date, the adventurous pair decided to do something different by jetting to Costa Rica for a fun weekend. The period was March 2020, a time when the COVID pandemic was only in its early stages and no one could really predict how deadly it would become or how far-reaching its effects would have on the whole world. A few days of fun, what’s the worst that could happen? Unfortunately, Matt and Khani found themselves stuck at the hotel when countries began closing off their borders across the world. The hotel where they lodged began to shut down, their return flight was canceled, and it became impossible for the pair to land an immediate flight back to America.

The trailer reveals that the documentary film will dive deep into the couple’s experience featuring moments from the trip captured from their smartphones. Matt and Khani each take turns describing how the pressure from the experience made them feel and just how they were able to make it past the longest date of their lives, lasting a record 79 days. While it seemed like the pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise for their relationship, navigating through to the better days was no easy feat for the new couple as their individual concerns never completely faded away.

Who Is Making ‘Longest Third Date’?

The documentary film hails from ITV America in association with Civilian 7 Entertainment. It was directed by prolific documentary filmmaker Brent Hodge (A Brony Tale, The Pistol Shrimps) and executive produced by Jordana Hochman, Sarah Howell, Eric Hoberman, Jon Katz, Brent Hodge, Stephen Ruddy, Darin Friedmann, and Mike Ang.

Longest Third Date will be released on Netflix on April 18. Check out the trailer from Netflix as well as the official synopsis for the documentary below:

“When Matt and Khani match on Hinge, sparks fly. So much so that they spontaneously fly to Costa Rica for their third date — and get stuck as the world shuts down in March 2020. An extended stay in paradise becomes the ultimate test of compatibility.”


via Collider

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