‘Barry’ Season 4 Trailer Sees Bill Hader in Prison!! Check It Out!!

Some protagonists don’t deserve to be redeemed, but that won’t stop Barry from trying. HBO has released a new trailer for the final season of their acclaimed dark comedy, starring Bill Hader as the titular character. After years of running away from the consequences of his crimes, Barry was finally caught in the finale of the third season, after Mr. Cousineau (Henry Winkler) tricked the former marine into meeting him while the police were waiting outside his house. The new trailer sees Barry losing his mind as he adapts to his new life behind bars. Audiences also get a look at how the protagonist’s actions affect the people who were close to him.

The story that is about to reach its conclusion began when Barry came back home after the army had sent him overseas. Due to his inability to adapt to a normal life after he arrived to the United States, Barry began working as an assassin for hire under Fuches (Stephen Root), an old friend of his family’s. The apathetic protagonist didn’t care about the lives he was talking about, and he was clearly going to keep his lifestyle until he met Sally (Sarah Goldberg) at Mr. Cousineau’s acting class. Barry never thought he could fall in love, and his desire to become a better person directly clashed with his occupation.

While he was trying to balance his relationship with Sally with his killing sprees, Cousineau began dating Detective Janice Moss (Paula Newsome). The detective began to suspect that someone close to her social circle was behind some of the violent murders that were taking place around town, and it didn’t take him long to realize Barry might be behind it all. When the protagonist realized Moss was on his trial, he had no option but to kill her while he and Sally were on a small vacation with the Detective and Cousineau. The loss would devastate the acting coach, leading him to a prolonged depressive episode.

The End of the Road

Before HBO began promoting the fourth season of Barry, there wasn’t any official confirmation regarding the new episodes being the show’s final chapters. Fans had to wait until the first poster and trailer were released to find out that the series was headed towards its natural conclusion. With most of the character arcs reaching clear breaking points over the course of the previous season, it isn’t very surprising to see the fourth installment as the last one. After four years of terrorizing Los Angeles and messing up the lives of everyone he came in contact with, it’s time for Barry to step away.

You can check out the new trailer for the fourth season of Barry below, before the show returns to HBO and HBO Max on April 16:

via Collider

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