‘Unicorn: Warriors Eternal’ Trailer Teases Genndy Tartakovsky’s Steampunk Fantasy Series!! Check It Out!!

After years of the project being in development, it looks like Unicorn: Warriors Eternal is ready to make its way to our your television screen. The animated steampunk fantasy was created by Genndy Tartakovsky, who was responsible for some of Cartoon Network‘s greatest hits during the era that many fans consider the channel’s prime. In this new adventure, a team of unlikely heroes are reawakened to fight an ominous force across eternity, with the confrontation set to last for millions of years. When the reawakening of our heroes manifests in the bodies of new unsuspecting hosts, they must find a way to protect the world against the prevailing darkness.

Tartakovsky is undoubtedly excited about the upcoming release of the show, and he even considers “all the projects we worked on were like a training ground getting us ready for this series. It took all of that time to finally be able to tackle a show like Unicorn: Warriors Eternal“. The series had been in the works since the early days of the animator’s career, but several factors influenced the delay of its production. After years of waiting, Tartakovsky is ready to bring audiences into this new, strange world of his, where heroes can come from very unexpected places.

During recent years, the legendary animator has been quite busy at Adult Swim developing an action horror thriller called Primal. Set in an anachronistic prehistoric world, where dinosaurs roam the Earth, the story follows Spear (Aaron LaPlante), a Neanderthal who loses his family in a horrible Tyrannosaurus attack. His journey leads him to Fang, a dinosaur who lost her family to the same crew of murderous animals. The duo form an unusual friendship, as they make their way through a very uncertain world.

Tartakovsky’s Classics Defined a Generation

It is exciting to see Tartakovsky so enthusiastic about Unicorn: Warriors Eternal ahead of its premiere. The animator has entertained the world for decades, creating shows that quickly became many people’s favorites over the passage of time. Some of the Cartoon Network classics developed by Tartakovsky were Dexter’s LaboratorySamurai Jack and the 2003 version of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. With such an astounding background in the industry, the latest adventure brought to reality by the animator will have plenty of fans tuning in this summer.

You can check out the official trailer for Unicorn: Warriors Eternal below, before the show premieres on Adult Swim on May 4:

via Collider

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