‘Big Beasts’: Tom Hiddleston to Narrate Apple TV+ Nature Documentary!!

Nothing beats a good nature documentary to watch, and a brand-new one from Apple is just around the corner in celebration of Earth Day. Audiences can soon take a deep dive into the natural world as Deadline reports that Tom Hiddleston is lending his voice as the narrator for Big Beasts, an upcoming wildlife series by Apple TV.

Filmed in 17 different countries over the course of two years, Big Beasts takes audiences on an epic journey across 10 episodes to witness the beauties and struggles of nature’s largest creatures, such as whales, bears, and tigers, among many more to be featured in the show. With traditional breathtaking imagery of Earth’s wonders bolstered by the talented voice of Hiddleston, Big Beasts could serve as an intriguing series for both audiences and nature lovers to check out when it debuts on Apple TV+ this Spring.

The series comes together under the same creative team as Tiny World, which was narrated by Paul Rudd and focused on the smaller side of Earth’s wildlife, which will serve as a fun contrast for the upcoming show. Plimsoll Productions produces the Big Beasts, with Tom Hugh-Jones (Planet Earth II) attached as an executive producer alongside Grant Mansfield (Hostile Planet) and Martha Holmes (Life).

Apple TV Continues Its Interest in Nature History

The release of Big Beasts is just the latest in a recent wave of wildlife documentary shows from Apple TV, with several notable examples being Earth at Night in Color, which focuses on the nocturnal behavior of animals, and Prehistoric Planet, a series set in the late Cretaceous period. Alongside the debut of the Big Beasts, Apple TV will also be releasing the second season of Prehistoric Planet after the show’s successful launch last year. David Attenborough will return as the show’s narrator, with the return of fan-favorite dinosaurs alongside the introduction of new ones.

However, Apple isn’t the only company spearheading the push toward natural history shows. Netflix also previously announced an upcoming wave of shows set to debut on the streaming service, such as Life on Our Planet, a paleo-documentary, alongside Our Planet II, both of which are set to be released sometime later this year. With so many shows around the corner, nature lovers have much to look forward to when the upcoming shows make their streaming debut.

Big Beasts marches its way onto Apple TV+ on April 21, just in time to celebrate Earth Day. Check out the official trailer for the upcoming show below.

via Collider

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