‘Fast X’ to Say Goodbye to Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner!!

Even though Fast X has had its fair share of ups and downs, it looks like the movie will still serve as a lovely tribute to a cast member from the franchise who was gone too soon. While speaking to Total Film MagazineVin Diesel talked about how the cast and crew of the latest installment in the Fast Saga constantly think about the late Paul Walker, and the character he played in the successful franchise, Brian O’Conner. Walker passed away after being involved in a tragic car accident in 2013, shocking the world as he was still in the prime of his life. Ever since then, his presence has remained in the movies in some form or the other. Here’s what Diesel had to say:

“That moment in 2013 when the world was struggling with his loss, the studio made a very bold and righteous and daring decision to keep Brian O’Conner alive. I will give you this without spoiling anything: I couldn’t imagine this saga ending without truly saying goodbye to Brian O’Conner.”

As the franchise approaches its eventual conclusion, it looks like the team behind it is looking to explore all of its legacy. That decades-long history includes Walker, and all the contributions he made to both the film series, and his fellow cast members’ lives. To bring every story thread to a full circle, Fast X might be going back to the franchise’s roots, opting for including street racing between the explosive action, heists and heated rivalries. Everyone is coming together to cross the finish line as a family, cementing the Fast Saga as on the most successful movie franchises from the past twenty years.

One of the most surprising additions to that family has been Brie Larson, who is joining the cast of the series as a mysterious legacy character. Recently, The Marvels actress revealed she will actually be playing the daughter of Mr. Nobody, first played by Kurt Russell in Furious 7. The character returned for more recent installments, with his latest appearance taking place in 2021’s F9. It remains to be seen how Larson‘s character will be integrated to the plot of the upcoming blockbuster, possibly working as an ally for the heroic Toretto family.

Anything Can Happen in Fast X

Brie Larson is not the only star with a background in superhero action who will be joining the Fast and Furious franchise in the latest film, as Jason Momoa will be taking a break from ruling Atlantis to speed up form behind the wheel. The new members of the family have been well received by the original team, with Michelle Rodriguez recently calling Momoa‘s character, Dante Reyes, the best male villain in the franchise. It remains to be seen who will be able to walk away from the new movie when the dust settles, as there’s no way to tell what is going to happen so in the penultimate chapter of the series.

via Collider

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