‘Industry’: Kit Harington Joins Season 3 of Hit HBO Series!!

Kit Harington is about to take over the world of Industry, as the actor has joined the cast of the third season of the HBO television series. Harington will play the role of Henry Muck, the CEO of a company focused on developing technology capable of running with green energy. The company is still a well-kept secret in the world of the show, as Muck is set to make a surprise launch meant to change the power dynamics in the series. After being involved in worlds of fantasy and superheroes, Harrington playing a high-profile executive will be a nice change of pace. It remains to be seen what impact Muck’s technology will have in the show created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay.

When Industry premiered in 2020, the series focused on a group of young graduates competing for permanent positions at Pierpoint & Co. The competitors in question were played by Marisa AbelaPriyanga BufordMark Dexter and Myha’la Herrold. The main character, played by Abela, is fluent in many different languages, and her wealthy background would supposedly place her in a perfect position to enter the job of her dreams. Nevertheless, Yasmin would soon learn that she was entering a field way more competitive than she initially expected, leading her to meet young people as hungry for the job as her.

His addition to the cast of Industry wouldn’t be the first time Harington would play a prominent role in a prestigious HBO television program, as the actor gained worldwide fame for his role of Jon Snow during the nine seasons of Game of Thrones. As a prominent member of the Stark family and a strong military leader, Snow would slowly get himself involved in the center of the war for the Iron Throne. Things would radically change when he develops a romantic bond with Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), the first dragon rider the world had seen in more than a century.

The Future of Jon Snow Looks Bright

Jon Snow’s story concluded during the events of the final season of Game of Thrones in 2019. After being forced to kill Daenerys due to her unstable thirst for power, Snow was arrested for ending the life of the Queen of Westeros. While the final season was controversial by itself, fans would keep their love for the character they got to know over the course of a decade, and the network knows it. That’s why a spin-off focusing on Jon Snow’s life after Game of Thrones was announced to be in development, with Harington expected to come back to the role. Perhaps the actor will return to Westeros sooner than expected.

via Collider

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