‘Welcome To Derry’: Taylour Paige, Jovan Adepo and More Join ‘IT’ Prequel Series!!

Just months after acquiring showrunners, the HBO Max original series Welcome to Derry casts its first four actors including Taylour PaigeJovan AdepoJames Remar, and Chris Chalk. The television series serves as a prequel to Stephen King‘s It.

Though not much has been revealed regarding the plot of the upcoming series, the official logline states: “Set in the world of Stephen King‘s It universe, Welcome to Derry is based on King‘s It novel and expands the vision established by filmmaker Andy Muschietti in the feature films It and It Chapter Two.” Fans can expect the series to explore the history of Derry, Maine, the small town the odd entity of Pennywise the Clown has tormented for decades. Now, fans can expect to learn more about the horror realm of It as Zola actress PaigeBabylon‘s Adepo, Perry Mason‘s Chalk, and Dexter‘s Remar will soon be living first-hand in the dark town of Derry, though no information has been revealed yet about who they’ll be playing.

As previously reported by Collider, HBO obtained It Chapter Two‘s Jason Fuchs and Extinction‘s Brad Caleb Kane as show the original series’ showrunners and executive producers. Though, it was only this past February when HBO Max officially green-lit the series. The series was developed for television by Fuchs, Muschieitti, and Barbara MuschiettiFuchs is also writing the teleplay for the series’ first episode inspired by a personal true story. Andy Muschietti will serve as director of the series.

What Can Fans Expect From Welcome to Derry?

With plots and characters under wraps, it is hard to know what we can truly expect from the original series, but one thing is for sure, the series will tie into the already existing world from the novel and more recent movie adaptations. It’s also highly likely that the series will follow brand-new characters as all signs point to the series being set before the Losers club members were even born. It has been reported that the series will focus on the frightening antagonist, though it is unclear just how much the series will explore the origins of Pennywise. It was also recently revealed that Bill Skarsgård will not portray Pennywise in the HBO spin-off. So, it is hard to say how the villain will be portrayed in the upcoming series. After all, It was revealed to be an alien that arrived in Derry back in 1715 via an asteroid.

Though there are still lots of questions regarding Welcome to Derry, you can enjoy this trailer of 2017’s It below:

via Collider

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