‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ Movie Adaptation Sets October 27 as Release Date!!

Are you ready for Freddy? Jason Blum, the successful horror producer behind projects such as The Purge and the latest Halloween trilogy, has announced that the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s film adaptation will release both in theaters and on Peacock on October 27. The video game movie will dive deep into the mysteries first established by Scott Cawthon‘s indie creation that took the internet by storm in 2014. Animatronics that come to life, creepy hallways, and a desolate 80s aesthetic are all a part of this thrilling story about a gruesome serial killer. For this production, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop was in charge of tuning up Freddy and his band.

The upcoming supernatural horror story has assembled quite an impressive cast for itself, including performances from Matthew Lillard and Josh Hutcherson. Lillard will be in charge of playing William Afton, the violent serial killer who abducts and murders children while dressed in a golden bunny suit. The disappearance of the kids leaves a haunted legacy for the pizza place, but the story isn’t quite over. A security guard, played by Hutcherson, will start working the night shift at the establishment, and he’ll soon discover that not everything is as it seems at Freddy’s. The animatronics that sing and dance for visitors during the day display bizarre behavior after dark, setting the stage for the central mystery around the story.

If everything goes well for the upcoming movie, Blumhouse could have a big franchise in its hands. After all, Lillard‘s contract gives him the option of returning for two sequels in case Five Nights at Freddy’s proves to be a hit at the box office. After seven games in the main series, dozens of novels, and even an augmented reality app, there’s a very complex story to explore if the studio decides to move forward with more installments. After years of suffering through a complicated development, the video game adaptation will finally hit the big screen this fall.

Who is Directing Five Nights at Freddy’s?

Emma Tammi, who was behind the camera for the 2018 western horror The Wind, was in charge of directing the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie. Tammi was selected after a complicated process that saw the film going from Warner Bros. to Universal Pictures and Blumhouse, making its way through different filmmakers and screenwriters before landing at its current home. This year, fans will finally discover if the long wait was worth it, as one of the greatest indie video games from the past decade finally receives the cinematic treatment in a few months.

Before Five Nights at Freddy’s jumps to the big screen and frightens Peacock on October 27, you can check out the first official look at the film below:

via Collider

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