‘Mulligan’: First Look Teases the New Animated Alien Invasion Comedy!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has revealed the first trailer, release date, and full voice cast for Mulligan, a new animated series from the minds behind 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The animated series follows a group of survivors tasked with rebuilding civilization after an apocalyptic event.

The release announcement trailer presents Mulligan‘s wacky concept as the Earth is nearly destroyed after aliens invade the planet. The planet is only saved thanks to Matty Mulligan (voiced by Nat Faxon), a working-class man who single-handly defeated the alien armada by just copying some moves from action flicks. Mulligan is not the sharpest tool in the box, but thanks to his heroic actions, he becomes the leader of what’s left of civilization and is charged with rebuilding society. Unfortunately, this task might be too complex for Mulligan’s dim-witted mind. Faxon has a lot of experience with comedy and animation, having recently voiced Elfo in Disenchantment.

Joining Mulligan in his world-rebuilding endeavor is First Lady Lucy Suwan (voiced by Chrissy Teigen). Lucy is a Miss America candidate who has a short fling with Mulligan during the apocalypse, unaware that their brief romance would put her in a position of absolute power. Believing in the American version of beer commercials, Lucy wants to use her newfound political voice to improve the world, even though she has no idea how to do this. Teigen was part of Netflix’s critically acclaimed animated film The Mitchells vs. the Machines.

Joining Faxon and Teigen as part of Mulligan‘s main cast is Tina Fey as Military super-scientist and single mom Dr. Farrah Braun, Sam Richardson as the only surviving historian Simon Prioleau, Dana Carvey as self-appointed Vice President Senator Cartwright LaMarr, and Phil LaMarr as alien prisoner Axatrax. Recurring characters include Kevin Michael Richardson as military cyborg TOD-209, Ayo Edebiri as teenager-turned-Marine leader General Scarpaccio, Daniel Radcliffe as the last British survivor and self-proclaimed King Jeremy Fitzhogg, and Ronny Chieng as Hong Kong billionaire Johnny Zhao.

When Is Mulligan Coming to Netflix?

Mulligan is co-created by executive producers Robert Carlock and Sam Means, who serve as co-showrunners. Executive producers also include Fey, David Miner, Eric Gurian, Scott Greenberg, and Joel Kuwahara.

Mulligan comes to Netflix on Friday, May 12. Check out the release announcement trailer and the series synopsis below.

After Earth is destroyed by an alien attack, a rag-tag band of survivors has to start society over from scratch. It’s an opportunity to learn from humanity’s past mistakes and get things right this time. Or make the same mistakes all over again. Probably the second one.


via Collider

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