‘The Lazarus Project’ Sets June 4 as New Premiere Date at TNT!!

Cable network TNT has officially announced a new launch date for its acquired action drama The Lazarus Project. Plans have been in place to bring the series, which aired its first season on the U.K.’s Sky Max back in June 2022, to the U.S. for some time now. It was initially slated to drop on January 8 earlier this year, though it was one of three projects shelved between TNT and TBS in the fallout of the Warner Bros. Discovery restructuring. Now, the series is one of the few remaining originals at TNT, and it aims to premiere on June 4.

The Lazarus Project tells the story of George (Paapa Essiedu), who joins the titular secret organization which possesses the power to rewind time in the case of an imminent calamity on Earth. Following an accident that takes the life of his beloved wife, George is faced with the dilemma of deciding what he’s willing to give up for a chance to go back and rewrite history. The trailer for the series teases how he’s willing to go to any length and face any opposition in order to get back what he lost.

So far, the series, which has been billed as a cross between Doctor Who and Spooks, has been a hit in its native U.K. It was renewed for a second season back in August after earning stellar reviews and monumental viewership for Sky Max. At the time of release, it skyrocketed to become the second highest-viewed original from the platform, garnering a viewership number of over 1.7 million over 28 days. The series only aims to get more ambitious in its upcoming season too, as series creator Joe Barton previously teased how more ex-agents will rise up to thwart the organization’s benevolent mission by using their abilities to go back in time and stop them. Assuming there are more seasons after the second, there seem to be plenty of plans in place to expand on the time travel concept as the series unravels.

Who Takes Part in the Time-Hopping The Lazarus Project?

Alongside the Emmy and BAFTA-nominated I May Destroy You star Essiedu, The Lazarus Project also features Anjli Mohindra, Tom Burke, Caroline Quentin, Rudi Dharmalingam, and Charly Clive. The series consists of eight hour-long episodes directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner (episodes 1-4), Laura Scrivano (episodes 5 and 6), and Akaash Meeda (episodes 7 and 8). Urban Myth Films produces with Sky Studios while Paul Gilbert executive produces for Sky Studios alongside Julian Murphy, Johnny Capps, and Barton.

The Lazarus Project premieres at 9 p.m. ET on TNT.


via Collider

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