‘Prehistoric Planet’ Season 2 Trailer Teases an Epic Journey Back in Time!! Check It Out!!

The groundbreaking documentary series returns this summer as Apple TV+ has revealed the first trailer for Prehistoric Planet season two, teasing another epic voyage to Earth’s ancient past. Set to debut on Apple TV+ on May 22, the second season of the series will feature five brand-new episodes, with each debuting nightly.

The trailer features the return of Sir David Attenborough, who will reprise his role as the narrator for the series. Alongside featuring the return of beloved dinosaurs, such as T. rex facing off against a Pterosaur, the trailer also teases new ones for audiences to experience as well, with the series set to serve as a larger window into the world introduced in the first season. While additional details remain scared, it was previously reported that the new season will feature the introduction of Tarchia, a member of the Ankylosaurid family.

The first season of the show dedicated each episode to showcasing a different biome on a prehistoric Earth, and the latest installment will continue utilizing that format with five new worlds set to be introduced. Also, similarly to the first season, the series will once again feature groundbreaking CGI seamlessly blended into real-life backgrounds, recreating what Earth looked like 66 million years ago. With additional groundbreaking visuals alongside a plethora of new worlds to be explored, Prehistoric Planet season two is shaping up to be another memorable entry to the genre.

With the success of the Jurassic World trilogy, audiences have shown a resurge in interest in prehistoric-related media, which can be reflected in the release of 65 earlier this year. However, unlike the aforementioned films, which represented their dinosaurs as simple movie monsters, Prehistoric Planet debuted last year by executive producer Jon Favreau (The Mandalorian) with a more refreshing and scientifically accurate take on prehistoric life, which received acclaim from both critics and audiences.

Alongside the release of Prehistoric Planet 2 later this summer, several other prehistoric documentaries are also just around the corner. In part of a new wave of nature documentaries, Netflix previously announced Life On Our Planet, a series that will highlight several of Earth’s extinct ecosystems. Additionally, NBC is also set to produce its own paleo documentary with the eventual release of Surviving Earth, a series that will take audiences across a voyage of several extinction-level events in Earth’s history. With several significant documentary projects down the line, there’s no better time to be a paleo nerd than now, as a new renaissance in the genre begins gearing up.

Prehistoric Planet season two will debut on Apple TV+ on May 22. Check out the official trailer for the upcoming season below.

via Collider

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