‘Superman: Legacy’: James Gunn Directorial is Officially in Pre-Production!!

Proving to be just as much of a hero as the characters he forms his movies around, James Gunn is adding the cherry on top of Superman Anniversary Day by revealing that his latest project, Superman: Legacy is now heading into pre-production. In a Twitter post, The Suicide Squad director gave followers an exciting look at the script’s cover page, revealing that “costumes, production design, and more” were now in the works. More than prepared to leave his mark on one of the world’s most beloved and celebrated characters, Gunn shared his gratitude, writing that he was “honored to be a part of the legacy.”

Captivating updates have been popping out of the Superman: Legacy woodwork over the last several months with Gunn at first only being attached as the film’s writer and producer before it was revealed in mid-March that the Guardians of the Galaxy-director would also helm DC’s latest flick. One thing that’s still yet to be uncovered is exactly who will be pulling up the tights and fastening on the cape of the Man of Steel with Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Studios stepping away from the franchise’s long-running star, Henry Cavill. Since Cavill was officially not asked to return to the character, the rumor mill has been churning with a slew of actors including Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi and HuntersLogan Lerman finding themselves caught up in the whispers.

When it comes to Superman: Legacy, we definitely don’t know more than we know which is what makes today’s pre-production announcement that much more exciting. As for the plot, Gunn has previously teased that his telling of Kal-El won’t serve as an origin story, but will instead pick up with the character after he’s already settled into his powers. While this bit of information doesn’t give us a fully fleshed-out storyline, it also doesn’t close the door on the possible appearances of other notable DC names while mixing in some (hopefully) new but familiar faces into the fold.

When Does Superman: Legacy Come Out?

Superman: Legacy is slated to soar into theaters on July 11, 2025, and will be one of the building blocks for Gunn and Safran’s first step in their DC takeover lovingly dubbed, “Gods and Monsters.” From animation to live-action, audiences are gearing up to sink their teeth into whatever the studio heads throw their way next.

Check out Gunn’s pre-production post below and stay tuned to Collider for more updates on Superman: Legacy.

via Collider

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