‘Havoc’: First BTS Images Sees a Bloody Tom Hardy in Gareth Evans’ Netflix Action Movie!! Check It Out!!

Tom Hardy is no stranger to the catalog of movies that fall under the action genre. From having roles in projects such as Peaky Blinders and Venom, the actor is well accustomed to both dishing out a beat down and taking one on the chin. Hardy’s next movie, Havoc is directed by The Raid director Gareth Evans and ahead of the movie’s release on Netflix later this year, first look images of the upcoming movie have been released, and they offer a gritty look. One of a bloodied and beaten Hardy – it’s something he is quite used to, yes?

Academy Award nominee Hardy is front and center of these new images that come courtesy of the movie’s social media. Clad with a police vest, Hardy‘s faces is covered in blood as he stares at the camera. The movie’s title teases a bit of mayhem on the way, and Hardy will most definitely be a recipient of his fair share. We wait to see what havoc he rains on those he is after. Havoc follows the journey of a sleuth named Walker who is thrown into the criminal underworld of his city when a drug deal goes south, and he is tasked with the rescue of a politician’s son.

Evans, who wrote and directed the upcoming movie, is a director who is known for his work on martial arts inclined projects. His work on The Raid and its sequel as well as Gangs of London established him in this role as much Hardy is revered in his. While speaking about the project in the past, Hardy had hailed Evans skill set saying, “It’s real genre. If you’re gonna do martial arts, then Gareth‘s your guy.”

Tom Hardy Is Also Set to Return to the Venom franchise as Eddie Brock

While Hardy prepares for the release of Havoc, the actor is equally prepping for the return of one of his more familiar roles as Eddie Brock in Venom. He is set to return for yet another symbiotic outing in the third installment of the Venom movies. In an Instagram post put out earlier in the year, the actor announced that Venom 3 has gone into pre-production.

The upcoming Havoc has been in the works since 2021 when Hardy was announced to star. The actor at the time spoke about what might lie ahead for the project after its release. He said, “That’s a movie that is definitely a standalone project. There are no current plans for that to become a franchise. I think on a project by project basis, if I pitch something and I feel like it has legs, and it could part one of two or three or wherever, that’s certainly a conversation to be had.” Starring alongside Hardy in Havoc are Forest Whitaker, Timothy Olyphant, Jessie Mei Li, Justin Cornwell, and Yann Yann Yeo. Other cast members include Quelin Sepulveda, Luis Guzmán, Sunny Pang, and Michelle Waterson.

Havoc is set to premiere on Netflix later this year, however, a precise release date is yet to be confirmed. Check out the images and the synopsis below:

“The story is set after a drug deal gone wrong, when a bruised detective must fight his way through a criminal underworld to rescue a politician’s estranged son, while unraveling a deep web of corruption and conspiracy that ensnares his entire city.”


via Collider

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