‘American Horror Story’ Season 12 Adds Cara Delevingne!!

After the surprising news that Kim Kardashian had joined the fun of the twelfth season of American Horror Story, it was announced Cara Delevingne will also be a part of the cast, making her debut in the anthology horror series. According to Deadline, the actress will be part of a team that already included Emma Roberts, in a story that follows a woman who is convinced that an evil presence is preventing her from conceiving a baby. For the first time in the show, a season will be based in a novel, as the installment will serve as an adaptation of the Danielle Valentine book set to debut later this summer.

Delevingne has been busy over the past few months with a different type of mystery, as she became a regular cast member in the successful Hulu comedy, Only Murders in the Building. The actress was in charge of playing Alice Banks, an artist that starts going out with Mabel (Selena Gomez). After a complicated plot that at one point included Mabel accusing Alice of being the murderer at the center of the case, the pair were able to resume their relationship when the character played by Delevingne was proved to be innocent. As a part of American Horror Story, the performer will face a very different type of thrills.

The anthology horror series constantly changes its cast list due to the nature of its storytelling, allowing Delevingne and Kardashian to join this new story without having any relation with the events of previous seasons. However, Emma Roberts has been a part of different stories told within the show, including her roles of Madison Montgomery in American Horror Story: Cult and Brooke Thompson in American Horror Story: 1984. Once again. Roberts is ready to face a new threat, leading the cast of AHS for the third time in her career.

The Previous Season Took Over Manhattan

Before American Horror Story can tell the story of a woman convinced that there’s something sinister surrounding her life, the eleventh season of the show dealt with the murder of several gay men and the emergence of a new virus that threatened the world. Russell Tovey, Joe Mantello and Billie Lourd were in charge of playing the main characters during the story that made its way to the television screen last fall. Friendship, love and betrayal were at the center of a very dangerous situation, with a race against time to prevent the virus from spreading.


via Collider

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