‘Severance’ Season 2 Reportedly Facing Major Delays Amid BTS Drama!!

Things aren’t looking great for the team behind Severance, as Decider initially reported that the showrunners involved in the hit drama series were no longer on speaking terms, due to a fallout that supposedly took place when the first season of the series was about to wrap its production. Marck Friedman and Dan Erickson allegedly didn’t see eye to eye anymore, with the former setting his sights on leaving the show by the time the second installment started filming. However, Ben Stiller and the studio weren’t able to find a suitable replacement, resorting to asking Friedman to join the team once again.

However, a new report from TV Line states that representatives from Apple reached out to them in order to let them know that “the second season of Severance is on schedule, the budget is the same as Season 1, Dan, Beau and Mark are all working together… [Beau] was hired for Season 3 and since they don’t have a traditional writers room, it made sense he would get involved in the current season as well.” It seems that everything is running as expected over at the production of Apple TV+‘s successful psychological thriller, and since it seems to receive plenty of awards love, it would be hard to picture it going anywhere anytime soon.

In Severance, the title makes reference to a medical procedure performed on employees of a company to separate their consciousness between the time they spend at work and the time they have for themselves, outside of the office. The separation is so extreme that it gets to a point where some of the people affected developed two completely different personalities, leading the versions of themselves from work and outside of it to plan for different lives. Mark (Adam Scott) discovers that something is very wrong with the process, and he will uncover the conspiracy around the business as his personal mission.

The Second Season Will Expand the World of Severance

The first season of Severance wrapped up its storylines with several plot twists, including the reveal of Helly’s (Britt Lower) true identity, and what is actually going on with Irving’s (John Turturro) love life. While there’s no doubt that the new episodes will address the cliffhangers that is predecessor put in place, there will also be a further exploration of the world where the show takes place, getting to know new people who have also been affected by the Severance process. Time will tell if these people will actually get to live a single, fulfilling life, instead of having to be split into two all the time.

While you wait for more updates regarding the second season of Severance, you can check out the official trailer for the first installment of the show below:

via Collider

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