‘House of the Dragon’ Season 2 Continues Filming Despite Writers Strike!!

It has certainly been a crazy day in Hollywood as the Writers Guild of America has enacted a difficult but necessary strike. This means that any project for film or television currently being written by any member of WGA must be put on pause. This especially has an effect on the television industry, but one show that won’t be affected by the strike, at least for now, is House of the Dragon Season 2.

According to Variety, the hit HBO Game of Thrones prequel has had all their scripts for the upcoming season done for some time. This means that Season 2 can continue filming in the United Kingdom as planned. House of the Dragon has been filming Season 2 since early April. As previously reported, the new season will consist of eight episodes instead of the previous season’s ten.

What’s House of the Dragon About?

House of the Dragon takes place more than 170 years before the events of Game of Thrones and is based on franchise creator George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood. The first season laid the groundwork for the fall of the Targaryen bloodline that was frequently mentioned throughout Game of Thrones‘ eight-season reign. It was a story that was more character and dialogue driven when compared to its parent series. Despite the real lack of any major battles or dragon action, although they were certainly there, Season 1 was such a rich family drama that took your breath away with every new episode.

House of the Dragon is one of those shows that makes you appreciate writing as an art form. Thinking about Season 1’s impact on pop culture last year recontextualizes why the WGA’s fight is so important. Without writers, these shows and films we hold dear to our hearts would be nothing. Variety spoke to some UK writers who are also a part of the WGA, and they were told that they had to work “furiously” this past weekend to submit their projects to their US employees before the strike deadline. The Writers Guild of Great Britain has now told its members in the UK who are also WGA members to stop working on projects that fall under US jurisdiction.

When Does House of the Dragon Season 2 Release?

While audiences wait and see if the writers get what they so truly deserve sooner rather than later, House of the Dragon Season 2 is expected to debut in the Summer of 2024. The series stars Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy, Eve Best, Steve Toussaint, Fabien Frankel, Ewan Mitchell, Tom Glynn-Carney, Sonoya Mizuno and Rhys Ifans. New cast members for Season 2 include Gayle Rankin, Simon Russell Beale, Freddie Fox, and Abubakar Salim. Season 1’s currently streaming on HBO Max. The trailer can be viewed down below. You can also learn more about the writer’s strike and how it affects you here.

via Collider

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