‘Twilight of the Gods’: Xilam Animation to Produce Zack Snyder’s Anime Series!!!

Audiences are now one step closer to enjoying Zack Snyder‘s Twilight of the Gods, an anime series based around the gods of Norse mythology. Variety reports that Netflix has come to an agreement with Xilam Animation to produce the upcoming project, with plot details for the upcoming story safely kept under wraps, for the moment. Twilight of the Gods has been in development for a long time, with Snyder first talking about before the pandemic took place.

Marc du Pontavice, the founder and CEO behind Xilam Animation, is more than excited for the company to work on the project, stating that: “We’re so proud to be working with the team at Stone Quarry, including iconic creator and director Zack Snyder, and we’re also deeply grateful to Netflix for trusting us to bring his spectacular vision to life. We’ll be utilising state of the art 2D animation across the series, which will include spectacular battles and special effects in the distinctive style that has characterised Zack’s work throughout his illustrious career. This project also marks a significant step forward in our ambitions to bring our expertise into the world of adult action series for global audiences.”

The voice cast of Twilight of the Gods includes Sylvia Hoeks, Stuart Martin, Pilou Asbaek, while Snyder will also serve as a producer for this new story. The filmmaker will be in charge of directing the first two episodes of the show, and long-time fans will recall that Snyder has always been fascinated with the concept of gods, their strengths and their weaknesses. During the years he spent producing DC films for Warner Bros., Snyder always tried to use Superman (Henry Cavill) to showcase humanity’s relationship with the concept of gods, and how that might affect people.

Zack Snyder’s Future is on Netflix

After it was established that Snyder would stop working on DC-related projects, the director was in need of a new studio to distribute his future projects. That studio would end up being Netflix, with the partnership between the company and the filmmaker bringing titles like Army of the Dead to the world. Before they can start working on Twilight of the Gods, the duo will premiere Rebel Moon at the end of the year. The epic space opera will follow the story of a young woman with a mysterious past, who will do everything she can to free her colony from an oppressive government.


via Collider

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