‘A Beautiful Imperfection’: First Image Reveals Jonah Hauer-King as the Notorious Giacomo Casanova!! Check It Out!!

When an individual is addressed as being a Casanova, there is the predisposition to assume that quite a bit of this fellow’s time is spent on seduction and the accumulation of multiple lovers. Not bereft of attention, what happens when this individual falls in love with one imperfect person out of a multitude? Such a tale is in the offing with the release of the first look image from Dutch director Michiel van Erp‘s romantic costume drama, A Beautiful Imperfection which centers on the love adventures of one of the famous Casanova brothers, Giacomo Casanova.

Taking audiences back to Italy and Amsterdam during the Renaissance era, A Beautiful Imperfection is based on In Lucia’s Eyes by Arthur Japin, Inspired by a true story, the feature tells the empowering saga of a young woman named Lucia, Giacomo Casanova’s first and greatest love, who after having her face disfigured by smallpox makes the decision to leave Italy for Amsterdam. Having reinvented herself as a veiled courtesan known by the name of Galathée, and having spent almost two decades apart, the pair meet again. With her true identity and face remaining a secret, Lucia and Giacomo become lovers once again. It would seem lighting does strike twice. However, for how long will Lucia remain veiled in the presence of her true love? Would she be bold enough to take her seeming weakness and transform it into strength to appear unashamed before her lover? Perhaps, Giacomo will see his Lucia as a beautiful imperfection. Japin’s work upon which the feature is based seeks to tell the story from the viewpoint of Lucia and the difficult choices she had to make in the aftermath of tragedy.

The first image released showcases the lavish dress sense of the eighteenth century with corsets and wigs along with monstrously colorful coats. The image also shows Jonah Hauer-King as the notorious Italian adventurer and womanizer, Giacomo, and Dar Zuzovsky as the love interest of his youth, Lucia, as the pair share a dance while Lucia’s face is masked.

Jonah Hauer-King and Dar Zuzovsky in A Beautiful Imperfection
Image via Eyeworks

Who Else is Involved in A Beautiful Imperfection?

Giacomo is not the only Casanova brother set to appear in the upcoming feature as Peaky Blinders and Dunkirk alum, Aneurin Barnard is set to portray another Casanova. Joining the rest of the aforementioned cast in this costume drama are Ruth Becquart, Sam Hazeldine, Gaia Bermani Amaral, and Maarten Heijmans. Other cast members include Riccardo Gamba, Niccolò Besio, Josh Goulding, and Angela Sant’Albano among others. A Beautiful Imperfection is produced by Maarten Swart whose credits also include Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The feature is written by Japin & Ursula Rani Sarma and was filmed in the Netherlands and Italy.

A Beautiful Imperfection does not have a release date yet.

via Collider

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