‘Evil Dead Rise’ Crosses $100 Million at the Worldwide BO!!

Horror is as hot as ever with hit after hit at the box office. Evil Dead Rise, which was released in mid-April, is just the latest genre offering to make a blood-soaked splash. The fifth film in the Evil Dead franchise has been on track to cross the $100 million mark for a while now and, just before it enters its third weekend of release, Rise has accomplished that impressive feat.

Evil Dead’s various social media pages celebrated the news by posting Rise‘s now iconic title card shot of a deadite rising out of the water against a haunting sunset. However, this time it’s not the sinister title emerging from the water, it’s $100 million in cold hard cash. Director Lee Cronin added to the post thanking fans saying, “So much love for the cast, crew, and all of you amazing movie-goers for taking Evil Dead Rise to this place today. Thank you for your support in helping the Deadites RISE all around the world!” This historic milestone now makes Rise the highest grossing film in the franchise. The previous film to hold the top spot was Evil Dead (2013) which made $97.5 million in its entire run. Rise, again is only entering its third weekend and its box office drop was very impressive from its opening to second weekend. Rise still at least has a couple more weeks to play in theaters before the film’s inevitable VOD home release. Because of that, it will be exciting to watch what kind of legs these hungry deadites have in that timeframe.

What’s Evil Dead Rise About?

Evil Dead Rise follows two sisters Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) and Beth (Lily Sullivan) as they reconnect after many years of being apart. Beth needs her sister’s help with something, but when Ellie’s kids find the Necronomicon all hell breaks loose. The deadites quickly take possession of Ellie’s soul, and it’s up to Beth to save the family before it’s too late. What makes Rise so great is that it doesn’t try too hard to scare its audience. Cronin relies on classic atmosphere and gothic haunted house frights to set the film’s tone. He then applied that to the Evil Dead fans know and love. This successfully takes the cabin in the woods franchise setting and throws it in a claustrophobic apartment building. That allowed for a more brutal and intimate story with themes that stunningly highlights the worst fears of any mother or mother to be. When you add the killer marketing campaign and the all-time genre performances from both Sutherland and Sullivan, Rise was bound to slay all its deadly demons at the box office. Many Evil Dead fans have seen the film multiple times in theaters and have shown their love for the film in many ways. This includes a bunch of sick cheese grater tattoos.

The Deadites Continue to Rise

Evil Dead Rise is in theaters now. While fans wait for a sequel announcement and a dream crossover for Ash, Beth, and Mia, you can view the trailer for Rise down below.

via Collider

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