‘Fast X’: New Clip Reveals How Han Survived the ‘Tokyo Drift’ Explosion!! Check It Out!!

The relationship between Shaw (Jason Statham) and Han (Sun Kang) has always been complicated, with the pair being involved in some of the most explosive moments of the Fast and Furious franchise. After all, fans are still trying to forget that it was originally established that Shaw killed Han by blowing up his car a few years ago. But now, thanks to a new clip from Fast X shared by Entertainment Weekly, the picture becomes clearer, and the confrontation that was teased during the mid-credits scene from Fast 9 finally begins to star making sense when some context is given.

It was originally established that Han died at the hands of Shaw in one of the franchise’s previous installments. His car even exploded majestically in an enormous ball of fire, leaving the character with very low chances of survival. However, it was revealed during 2021’s blockbuster sequel that he was actually alive, leaving audiences confused and curious to find out as to how Han survived the accident. A flashback explained that the skilled driver actually had previous conversations with Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), who would help him come up with a plan to fake his own demise.

Due to how quickly things move in this franchise, Han and Shaw had never had a proper moment to give a deep explanation regarding the character’s survival, or a timeout to figure out if everything is okay between the pair or not. But during the new clip, it appears that Han and Shaw will finally have their anticipated showdown, locked inside a warehouse where no one can interfere with the confrontation. There’s a huge possibility of seeing them both working together as part of the Toretto family but, for now, it’s time for the pair to settle their differences with their bare hands.

What Will Fast X Be About?

After two decades of entertaining the world with its signature humor and over-the-top action sequences, the Fast and Furious franchise is approaching the finish line. Cipher (Charlize Theron) will be coming back to face the Toretto family once again and, this time, she brought powerful backup, as Jason Momoa joins the series in the role of Dante, a ruthless villain with driving skills that make him a worthy adversary of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). The final ride might not happen in this movie, but the stage will be set for the sequel that will bring this story to a close in 2025.

You can check out the new clip from Fast X on EW’s website, before the film races into theaters on May 19.


via Collider

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