‘Clone High’ Trailer Sees Historical Figures Re-imagined as Teenagers!! Check It Out!!

Have you brushed up on your history lessons of late and just how much of your science homework have you been able to get through over the weekend? Hope you are ready to return to school as Max has released the official trailer for the reboot of the animated series, Clone High. Set to be a reboot of the fan-favorite show of 2002, Clone High which is created by Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Bill Lawrence — the show’s original creators — will offer an animated where clones of historical figures will have to endure and navigate the full high school experience.

The new trailer introduces us to some of history’s most popular figures — the show will see them reimagined as teenagers in a contemporary setting, navigating the many hurdles that abound for individuals their age. Abraham Lincoln secretly admires the fierce Joan of Arc who only sees him as a friend but is romantically interested in JFK. Having two powerful “presidents” on the side really is an impressive feat, right? The complexities in the life of these clones only get further stretched when it is announced to them that they are in fact living in 2023 with all its new social norms, after being in cryostasis for the last 20 years.

The original series only ran for a single season, but that was enough to cement its place as a fan favorite of audiences who enjoy adult animation. With brilliant hysterical humor to spur it on, the upcoming series is described as “a modern refresh of the hit series of the same name, Clone High follows a high school for clones of the greatest minds in history. Twenty years after the original experiment was put on ice, Joan, JFK, Abe, and Cleo have been thawed out to resume school with their new clone classmates – all while navigating a new set of cultural norms and overly dramatic teen relationships.” The reboot was announced in 2020 and by the following year, Max had ordered two seasons of the adult animation.

The Stars of the Clone High Reboot

With the original creative duo of Lord and Miller set to return, Clone High will also see some of its original cast returning as well. They include Will Forte as Abraham Lincoln aka Abe and Nicole Sullivan as Joan of Arc, Christa Miller voicing Candide Sampson, Donald Faison as George Washington Carver, and Judah Miller as Scangrade. The creators also star with Lord as Scudworth, while Miller steps up as JFK and Mr. B. New voice actors joining the cast are Ayo Edebiri as Harriet, Mitra Jouhari as Cleo, Vicci Martinez as Frida, Kelvin Yu as Confucius, Neil Casey as Topher Bus, Jana Schmieding as Sacagawea, Sam Richardson as Wesley, Mo Gaffney as Ms. Grumbles, Al Madrigal as Frederico, Danny Pudi as Dr. Neelankavil, Emily Maya Mills as Ethel Merman. While Michael Bolton and Mandy Moore, Ian Ziering and Steve Kerr as themselves along with Jeffrey Muller, Kyle Lau, Dannah Phirman, and Danielle Schneider.

Clone High is set to premiere on Max on May 23. Watch the trailer below:

via Collider

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