‘The Crowded Room’ Trailer Sees Tom Holland Play a Murder Suspect!! Check It Out!!

Things are about to get dark, as Apple TV+ has shared the first trailer for their upcoming crime series, The Crowded Room. Tom Holland stars in the thrilling story about a young man who is arrested for a shocking crime, and the unlikely investigator tasked with solving the mystery behind it. Set in 1979, Danny Sullivan (Holland) was detained for his involvement in a shooting back in 1979, and the show will be about how the protagonist chose to tell his own story, giving audiences a chance to see if they believe him, or if he belongs behind bars. Every detail will matter in The Crowded Room, so you better keep your eyes open.

Amada Seyfried will be in charge of playing Rya Goodwin, the journalist hosting the interviews with Sullivan. The conversations will start by detailing the events that led the young man to the fateful night of his arrest, but they will also shine a spotlight on a deep revelation Holland’s character must face. After all, the series is based on The Minds of Billy Milligan by the author Daniel Keyes, a non-fiction book that details the story of the first person in the United States who was acquitted of a crime by pleading dissociative identity disorder. It remains to be seen if audiences will feel compassion for a man who committed horrible crimes against innocent people.

Emmy Rossum, Will Chase, and Sasha Lane will also appear in the series, playing the supporting characters surrounding the intriguing exploration of Sullivan’s mind. Rossum will play the criminal’s mother, and through previously shared images from the upcoming episodes, it looks like some flashback sequences might be shown for audiences to understand the protagonist’s past. With a condition similar to the one Holland’s character has to live with, adding context to his early years could be an interesting contrast to the dialogue between Sullivan and Goodwin.

What’s Next for Tom Holland?

The actor has been quite busy over the past couple of years, with a multiversal problem in Spider-Man: No Way Home and investigating ancient history during Uncharted. However, Tom Holland has taken a break as of late, opting to participate in projects with a much smaller scale, or simply resting before thinking about making a comeback. Given how Peter Parker was left after the events of his last film, it might only be a matter of time before the actor returns as everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. In the meantime, Holland will be at the center of Apple TV+‘s engaging crime thriller.

You can check out the first trailer for The Crowded Room below, before the show premieres on Apple TV+ on June 9:

via Collider

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