‘Merge Mansion’: New Short Sees Pedro Pascal Cracking the Code!! Check It Out!!

The secrets of Merge Mansion elude everyone! After starring in a short film for the game as a detective Tim Rockford, Pedro Pascal takes another dig at the complicated case of Grandma Ursula, and her granddaughter Maddie. This time around he has Ashley Benson and Jesse Williams, along with online show hosts MatPat, Shane Madej, and Ryan Bergara to solve the mysteries of the titular mansion. Metacore released a new video of the group bringing the game to life.

The new short film sees Pascal, Benson, and Willams, along with others in the mansion where nothing is as it seems. From finding a hidden safe behind a painting to finding clues in grandma’s pies, every answer raises a new question for the celebrity sleuths. From hidden passageways to secret rooms the celebrities go the extra mile to solve the mysteries.

Merge Mansion’s Milestone Update

Merge Mansion is a relaxing game that allows the players to renovate the Mansion Grandma Ursula left behind for her granddaughter, Maddie. But as one progresses the hidden clues and secret rooms unravel a mystery that keeps twisting further. Pascal first starred in a mockumentary-style short that announced the milestone update for the game.

Recently, Metacore unveiled an immersive experience to celebrate the aforementioned update by transforming the Legendary Paramour Estate in Los Angeles into “part live-action theater, part escape room, and part lore museum.” This Boulton Family Mansion gave guests a special chance to delve into the story of Merge Mansion by entering a real-life version of the titular mansion where they were tasked with finding clues, solving puzzles, and working together with the hopes of finding out exactly what Grandma Ursula is hiding.

While the game itself is exciting and popular it’s the ads that got the big win attracting fans’ attention. Speaking of his “fun” collaboration for the shorts Pascal previously noted, “Merge Mansion has created a fascinating story centered around family drama filled with mystery and secrets that has captivated fans all around the world through their entertaining and unpredictable video campaigns.” But he is only the most recent celebrity to join the league of actor Kathy Bates, who previously starred in multiple live-action advertisements for the game as Grandma Ursula and Severance star Grace Rex as granddaughter Maddie. With new celebrities joining the team of investigators it’ll be interesting to see who else pops up in the shorts next.

You can learn more about Merge Mansion on the game’s official website. Check out the short film below.


via Collider

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