‘How to Train Your Dragon’: Live-Action Adaptation to Begin Filming from June 30th!!

A live-action re-imagining of How to Train Your Dragon is soon on the way, and filming is expected to commence with a June 30 start date this summer in Los Angeles, according to the Production List website. With filming set to begin next month, casting announcements are likely just around the corner as the movie starts to spearhead toward its 2025 release date.

The film was previously announced earlier this year, with Dean DeBlois, the creator of the original franchise, set to direct, write, and produce the upcoming remake. With DeBlois at the heart of the remake’s production, fans can, at the very least, find comfort that the movie will be in the right hands and will remain truthful to the heart of the animated films. Live-action remakes have proven to be critically divisive in the past, so whether the upcoming project will rise above previous criticisms remains to be seen. Still, with the beloved story returning to the big screen, fans can revisit their favorite moments in a way OKthey’ve never seen before.

Following its release in 2010, How to Train Your Dragon has proven to be one of Dreamworks Animation‘s biggest franchises, with two direct sequels in 2014 and 2019, respectively, alongside several television spin-offs and specials. Serving as a remake of the original Academy Award-nominated film of the same name, How to Train Your Dragon remake will feature the return of Hiccup and Toothless, this time in the realm of live-action, as the two befriend each other in a time when Vikings and dragons are mortal enemies. More details on the film will likely be revealed as production begins to gear up this summer.

Disney Isn’t the Only Studio Doing Live-Action Remakes Now

The success of Disney‘s live-action re-imaginings has now set a precedent for other studios to remake their animated classics as well, and with Dreamworks, it comes as no surprise that they would start with their most popular franchise. Interestingly, with a remake of How to Train Your Dragon now on the way, films from the 2010s are now officially on the table, with Moana, a movie from 2016, receiving a live-action remake as well.

While many have criticized this latest trend due to the derivative nature of the films, there’s no denying they have proven incredibly lucrative at the box office, with The Lion King and Aladdin grossing over $1 billion, respectively. With The Little Mermaid tracking to make a large splash this Memorial Day weekend, it looks like they aren’t slowing down any time soon. Should How to Train Your Dragon prove to be similarly successful, audiences may have to prepare for the arrival of more live-action remakes from the studios’ library.

Dreamworks’ live-action How to Train Your Dragon film flies into theaters on March 14, 2025.

via Collider

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