‘Physical’ Season 3: Final Season Sets August 2nd as Premiere Date!!

The workout is nearly over for Rose Byrne over at Apple TV+. The streamer revealed that the hit dark dramedy Physical is calling it quits, but not before it airs its third and final season which looks to bring a conclusion to Sheila’s story of aerobics glory. Everything comes to an end for the aerobics-tinged tale of self-discovery when Season 3 premieres on August 2.

Physical has followed the journey of Sheila (Byrne) as she goes from a quietly tortured housewife stuck in the shadow of her smart yet controversial politician husband Danny (Rory Scovel) to an aerobics magnate looking to build an empire of her own. The first season saw her battle her inner demons only to find comfort in attending classes and dipping her toes into the world of exercise videotapes. Season 2 took her a step further as she faces new obstacles following the successful launch of her first tape. Complications arose as she entered an affair, forcing her to choose between her new flame and her loyalty to her husband. On the business end, she realizes there are more competitors in town looking to change the fitness world like Murray Bartlett‘s Vinnie Green. Sheila enters Season 3 following a major cliffhanger as she prepared to go to war with her now ex-husband and the new competitor in town looking to dominate the aerobics scene.

“We are so grateful to Apple, Tomorrow Studios, and all our creative collaborators for the chance to bring Sheila to life in all her gritty glory,” Byrne shared in a joint statement with the show’s creator, writer, and producer Annie Weisman. The pair hit on how the season will neatly tie together everything the series has built up to through its first two seasons and close Sheila’s multifaceted tale, adding, “With this final season, Sheila’s three-act saga of rebellion, recovery, and redemption comes to the satisfying conclusion that she and her fans so richly deserve. We feel so proud to share this last chapter with everyone.”

Physical Remains a Fan-Favorite Heading Into Its Final Season

Physical and its star Sheila have received no shortage of love from audiences since its premiere and that holds true heading into its final season. The series received a swift renewal for Season 3 after Season 2 garnered near-universal acclaim with a 91% critic rating and 81% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. Season 3 promises to be even more exciting with Zooey Deschanel joining the existing cast of Byrne, Scovel, Dierdre Friel, Della Saba, Lou Taylor Pucci, Ashley Liao, Geoffrey Arend, and Paul Sparks in her first television role since New Girl.

Matt Cherniss, the head of programming at Apple TV+, spoke to the joys of letting Weisman and Byrne tell this darkly comedic tale of personal empowerment, adding:

“Over the course of three enthralling seasons of ‘Physical,’ we have been honored to work with Annie Weisman and Tomorrow Studios to bring Sheila Rubin’s journey of transformation and personal empowerment to the screen through Rose Byrne’s fearless, moving, and often very funny, portrayal. We are aware of just how much of an impact this character and story has had on audiences around the world and can’t wait for them to join us on this final exhilarating ride that culminates in an immensely rewarding finale for this celebrated series.”

Physical Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+.


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