‘Venom 3’ Adds Chiwetel Ejiofor in a Mystery Role!!

It looks like Venom has someone new caught in their web. Marvel alum Chiwetel Ejiofor is joining the cast of Venom 3 opposite the film’s lead Tom Hardy, according to a report from Deadline. It is expected that the film will premiere in 2024, however, no premiere date has yet been set for the hotly anticipated third installment of the Venom franchise.

So far, Ejiofor‘s role is being kept secret. Previously, Ejiofor played in the 2022 film Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. In that film, he played Karl Mordo, an adversary to Doctor Strange. His new role in Venom 3 extends his work on Marvel properties, though Sony Pictures rather than Disney distributes Venom separating the movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Venom has overlapped with Marvel and Disney Spider-Man projects in the past—Venom was included in a post-credits scene on Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Ejiofor will be starring alongside Hardy, who plays the titular Venom in the film. Ejiofor previously starred in the 2013 12 Years a Slave. He was nominated for an Oscar for his work on the project, in which he played a free Black man forced into slavery for 12 years on a Southern plantation. Juno Temple is also confirmed to be joining the project, whose casting was announced in April. Like, Ejiofor, Temple‘s role is being kept under wraps. The plot for the upcoming film is similarly hazy. However, there is certainly excitement about the possibilities surrounding the third installment especially considering Venom’s brief overlap with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Who knows what the third film will have in store?

When Will Venom Begin Filming?

Production on the film is set to begin next month. However, as Collider‘s Diego Peralta has reported, production may be stalled due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike. This is because, though a script exists, on-set rewrites would not be able to take place on-set. There is also the fact that many actors and filmmakers have decided to stall their work in support of striking writers. And according to Peralta, the Directors Guild of America may be joining the strike soon as well, because they are soon to negotiate their own contracts.

Venom 3 is set to be directed by Kelly Marcel. Marcel and Hardy are set to produce the film. The third film in the franchise was written by Marcel. Marcel‘s script is based on a story written by her and Hardy. In addition to Hardy and Marcel, Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, and Hutch Parker will also be producing.


via Collider

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