‘The Lazarus Project’ Renewed for Season 2!!

British sci-fi drama series, The Lazarus Project is set to kick off its run on cable network TNT next month. However, ahead of the show’s launch, the network has moved to secure the show’s future by renewing it for a second season, according to Deadline. This renewal comes on the back of the show earning a second season order on UK’s Sky Max last year.

The Lazarus Project had aired its first season back in June 2022 on Sky Max, with plans set in motion by TNT to bring it to the US. The start of this year had been billed to see the show arrive across the pond, however, the restructuring of Warner Bros. Discovery had seen those plans delayed and slated for June 4, when the first season will premiere. Described by some as an spin on Doctor Who and Spooks, The Lazarus Project follows George (Paapa Essiedu), a regular man whose life is altered after he learns of his ability to manipulate space and time. His powers bring him under the payroll of a covert organization on a mission to save the world from extinction events by employing time-shifting as a preventative method. George later finds himself at crossroads when he has to choose between love and destiny.

Given that the show was an immense hit in the UK, garnering 1.7 million viewers over a 26 day period, making it the second highest-viewed original on Sky Max, TNT will be hoping for an equally impressive showing when The Lazarus Project airs in June. TNT‘s confidence in the upcoming show is exemplefied by Chief Content Officer, US Networks Group for WBD Kathleen Finch‘s comments, which read, “We are so bullish on this series… that we’ve already picked up season two.”

The Time-Hopping Crew

The Lazarus Project is led by I May Destroy You star Essiedu, and the Emmy and BAFTA-nominated actor stars on the series alongside Tom Burke, Caroline Quentin, Rudi Dharmalingam (The Split), Charly Clive (All My Friends Hate Me), and Anjli Mohindra (Munich: The Edge of War). The show’s writer and creator Joe Barton serves as executive producer alongside Sky‘s Paul Gilbert, and Urban Myth FilmsJohnny Capps and Julian Murphy. The Lazarus Project is directed by Marco Kreuzpaintner (episodes 1-4), Laura Scrivano (episodes 5 and 6), and Akaash Meeda (episodes 7 and 8).

The Lazarus Project premieres on June 4 on TNT.

via Collider

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