‘The Librarians: The Next Chapter’: The CW Announces New ‘The Librarians’ Spin-Off!!

A new series may be heading to The CW soon, as the network recently announced that it is currently developing The Librarians: The Next Chapter. The fantasy series is set to be a spin-off of TNT‘s The Librarians. The spin-off comes from writer and executive producer Dean Devlin.

Based on the movie trilogy, The Librarians first debuted in 2014 and ran for four seasons total. It introduced audiences to a group of Librarians whose primary responsibility is to save and protect some of the most powerful magical objects in existence. As the series begins, a Librarian named Flynn (Noah Wyle) protects the Library himself, eventually recruiting a small group to help him: a Guardian named Eve (Rebecca Romijn), and Librarians-in-Training Jake (Christian Kane), Cassandra (Lindy Booth), and Ezekiel (John Kim).

The Librarians: The Next Chapter will focus on a time-travelling Librarian who comes from the past and is now stuck in the present day. Searching for something familiar, he returns to what used to be his castle. When he arrives, he finds out that his castle is now a museum, which in turn causes him to accidentally unleash magic across the continent. Though the spin-off is bringing a new character into the fray, it holds potential for it to acknowledge the previous series, which ended as Eve and Flynn tethered themselves to the Library, becoming immortal alongside Jenkins (John Larroquette).

The Librarians: The Next Chapter is a co-production between The CW and Electric Entertainment. Along with executive producing, Devlin will act as showrunner. He previously worked on the movies and The Librarians as executive producer, making him a fitting choice for the upcoming series. Additionally, Devlin boasts a variety of hefty projects, including Independence Day and its sequel, Leverage: Redemption, The Ark, and more. Rachel Olschan-Wilson and Marc Roskin join as executive producers for the spin-off, with Balkanic Media‘s Jonathan English as producer.

The CW Is Shedding Original Scripted Content

Over the past several months, The CW has become a hub of acquired and unscripted content, a drastic shift from its previous content. The network has largely been known for its live-action DC series such as Arrow, The Flash, and Superman & Lois; teen dramas like Riverdale, Nancy Drew, and All American; and other shows including Supernatural and Walker. However, the network has been heavy-handed with its cancellations, instead focusing on newly acquired shows like Son of a Critch and unscripted projects like Masters of Illusion and Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

The Librarians: The Next Chapter currently has no projected release window. All seasons of the original series are available to stream on Hulu.


via Collider

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