Edge Of Tomorrow (2014) Short Review!!

The best way to describe the plot of this sci fi extravaganza is kinda like Groundhog Day, Source Code and The Butterfly Effect meet Star ship Troopers with better looking Aliens, better action, better plot & of course Tom Cruise. Edge of Tomorrow’s world building is slick and credible. The CGI and the special effects are seamless and bring the grand set pieces and the relentless aliens to life. The action is really pounding and the script is very witty and inventive as it needs to be when you’re dealing with time travel. Despite its action thrills Edge of Tomorrow finds plenty of room for character development both for Cruise and Blunt, who may I say play their parts beautifully!! Edge of Tomorrow is yet another sci-fi Tom Cruise film, just like Oblivion, War Of The Worlds & Minority Reports, kick’s some serious ass from start to finish. Definitely one of the best films of the year !!


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