Transformers : Age Of Extinction (2014) Short Review!!

Well, I love the Transformers movies (Revenge of The Fallen not so much though!) & don’t mind Michael Bay movies once in a while, having said that Yes!! Age of Extinction has one of the most silliest plots seen in recent times, but does this make semi reboot/sequel not worth a watch!! No Way!! This film is one of the amazing & delicious visual spectacle seen in recent times!! What can you possibly expect from a film directed by Michael Bay? Explosions, mindless action, hot girls (not counting Shia Le Bouf :P) this film has it all. This may be the 1st Transformer movie were Human characters are as good as the alien machines. Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Stanley Tucci & Kelsey Grammer (One bad ass villain) are instantly likeable characters. Other than the usual Autobots & Decepticons we had a great villain this time in form of Lockdown!! I never cared for Megatron (yeah he is kinda back as Galvatron), the Fallen or Sentinel Prime, Lockdown is the best one yet!! The Dinobots don’t have much to do here, they appear only in the last 15-20minutes. Overall the action sequences though and cinematography are this films holy grail. Really it’s why we love these films. This isn’t as much an action film as it is an action experience. You will feel honestly like you’re in there battling alongside these transformers. You’ll feel the effects of each battle scene in BRILLIANT, I mean MAGNIFICENT eye popping 3D glory. You’ll not want any scene to be over and I am not exaggerating here. Do yourself a favor, if you only see one Imax 3D movie this summer, let it be this one.


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