Bobby Jasoos (2014) Short Review!!

This film is a perfect example of how an engaging & intriguing 1st can be let down by a tepid confusing second half followed by rushed climax. Bobby Jasoos makes a half decent attempt to attain the wholesome pace and the gritty thrill of Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani. And going by this film’s first half alone, it is semi successful. But that’s all. Minus Vidya Balan’s superb performance along with a strong supporting cast especially Ali Faizal, the narration falls flat. ‘Bobby Jasoos’ is a fair attempt at doing something different, but it fails to leave an impression because it’s unable to break-free from Bollywood stereotypes. For a movie that’s being pitched as the story of Bollywood’s first-ever woman detective, the basics appear unimportant. The investigation is cut short by Bollywood’s staple awkward romance, a family drama and unimpressive soundtracks, diluting the impact immensely. Except for people looking to enjoy Hyderabadi slangs, this film is a serious waste of time.


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