Kick (2014) Short Review!!

What do you expect from a Salman Khan movie: No plot, hummable songs, senseless action & of course the Bhai of Bollywood rising high in the mess resulting in big money spinners but a mildly entertaining film. Well Kick is not much different from the above mentioned, but time this may be Sallu miyaan’s best film in the last decade. It wont be wrong to say Salman Khan has created his own version of the Dhoom series, & having seen the original Telugu film, I can easily say the action & the adrenaline has been pumped up! Basically all the wrongs from the original have been corrected in the remake. The biggest surprise are the high production values. Salman Khan is a star no doubts!! He proves it yet again with this film being the real public charmer that he is! He has clearly enjoyed himself playing this character. But behold Salman Khan at times loses his thunder to Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Oh man he is so awesome!) & Randeep Hooda (So underrated!). Jacqueline Fernandez looks pretty & forms a great pair with Salman Khan. The music is average with the song “Hangover” being the best of the lot. This film is clearly made for Salman Khan fans, in that case the film doesn’t disappoint, but yea still the plot is silly & proceedings post interval drag a little bit. Nevertheless Kick is a one time watch entertainer from Sajid Nadiadwala, clearly better than the garbage which has been coming out the last few months. Go get your self a Kick


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