Stage Fright (2014) Short Review!!

A musical – serial killer movie on the lines of the Scream movie sounds like a great idea, but Stage Fright is definitely not one!! Imagine if you took the Disney’s High School Musical series, threw in some stoned-looking teenagers, gay bashing comments, cursing and bad singing, along with a cliché story about an unoriginal slasher movie killer you get this film. In my opinion this was the most ridiculous bizarre comedy I have ever seen. As there are only a few main characters, it does not take a genius to figure out the final “surprise” or who the killer is! The gore is minimal and uninventive. The acting is okay, as the lead Allie MacDonald is the only one worth writing about. The writing is really weak. The homages to classic horror films is genuinely trite and thoughtless. I wish I could get my time back. Stage Fright is not scary not funny well just plain dumb!


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