Coherence (2014) Review!!


Synopsis – Strange things begin to happen when a group of friends gather for a dinner party on an evening when a comet is passing overhead.

My Take – This low budget science fiction thriller has to be the most intense, craziest & one of the best films (of the genre) I have ever seen!!! Suffice it to say, they took a current scientific idea (which even I used in my first short film) to its extreme. No one can imagine that superb thriller can be made in such a low budget.


Great concept, great storyline, great script, great execution, as the script is so excellent, the movie lets you figure much out yourself. It never hits you over the head with the various elements it explores, instead allowing you to infer the meaning behind the scenes. As many are not happy with camera work (as its like found footage type), it wont bother you as movie progresses,in fact it increases curiosity.


The acting done by the relatively unknown cast is the key to the whole thing, with some amazing performances by everyone, especially Emily Baldoni. Of course, many viewers of Coherence will be immediately put off by its blatantly low-budget feel and the naturalistic acting style. Others will likely be frustrated by the film’s lack of an overt resolution and their inability to make much sense of the cerebral, metaphysical concepts that are presented. Coherence can be presented as an example of micro-budget film making, presenting a sci-fi tale infinitely more interesting than the majority of its infinitely higher-budgeted and effects-heavy blockbuster contemporaries Overall a stunning mind bender!! I think I am gonna watch it again!

Director – James Ward Byrkit
Starring –  Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling, Nicholas Brendon
Rated – R
Run Time – 89 minutes

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