The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Review!!

The-Walking-Dead-season-5-bannerSynopsis – Rick and the reunited group are locked in a train car waiting for imminent death by the hand of the people of Terminus. Meanwhile, Carol and Tyreese get closer and closer to the compound.

Episode – S05E01 “No Sanctuary”

My Take – Well, after Season 1 I believe this show could not keep to what it had promised or build up, but personally Season 4 was my favorite!! With a shocking finale, of course Season 5 was keenly awaited. Now before I talk more about the premiere, let me warn you, their are potential spoilers ahead!

the_walking_dead_baseball_batLuckily, this episode, was without a doubt, the greatest and most phenomenal episode of the whole show. I seriously doubt that anybody could pull of what The Walking Dead did in this premiere. There were explosions, and bullets, and walkers, oh so Many Walkers! I spent the entire time either screaming, crying, laughing, or simply cheering because every single one of the characters on TWD are brilliantly written and are simply amazing. The writers didn’t waste their time dragging out this Terminus thing. They’re in and they’re out, leaving fire, blood and death in their wake. Refusing to focus on the cannibalism of the Terminus group was a wise choice. Even the producers of The Walking Dead know we, the viewers, can only handle so much. The short scenes of cannibalism were enough to make you feel nauseatic. The best part, though, about this episode is the few short minutes when the group finally reunites. Tears are shed and hugs are given, and it’s right then that I realized how emotionally attached we have become to these characters. The most surprising part of this episode was Carol, one of the weakest & most irritating characters, has now become a true Badass! In the episode she is seen doing everything, no matter how cruel or wrong as long as it will be to save Rick and his gang.

the walking dead

Season 5 has started off promisingly . The make up was outstanding and the zombies look gnarly as hell. With gruesome and detailed visuals, thrilling action sequences, scenes that will drag you to the edge of your seat and great developed characters. This season sure promises to be an amazing one.

Developed – Frank Darabont

Starring – Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun

Status – Season 5

Network –  AMC

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