Castle Season 7 Premiere!!

castleSynopsis – Detective Kate Beckett is faced with the toughest case of her career after finding her fiancee Castle’s car engulfed in flames on the their wedding day.

Episode – S07E01 “Driven”

My Take – If anyone thought that after the long build-up in the Castle/Beckett relationship the marriage was going to just happen, they really don’t understand the format of this program. The wedding build up was just too good to happen so easily! Now before I talk more about the premiere, let me warn you, their are potential spoilers ahead!

Castle-7x01-Kate-Martha-and-AlexisOk sadly this episode left with more questions than they came in with. Recapping Episode 1, fans were thrown right into the center of the investigation as the flames on Rick’s wreck were being extinguished by the fire department & then he is found in the middle of the sea, with some bullet holes. Unbelievable for the sake of being unbelievable for Castle to be missing for two months and not remember anything. Then there is a bunch of evidence pointing directly to Castle being responsible for his own disappearance. This big elaborate setup of Castle being the culprit and then that setup is explained away in a jumbled up, rushed up, last 5 minutes of the episode. But it’s only partially explained away. The only thing that is revealed is that all the evidence leading to Castle being a runaway groom is discredited. Woah! What just happened??

castleeI am a huge fan of this show, but clearly this was one of the weirdest episodes ever, things were too rushed & at times seemed random. Well I understand they are planning to use his disappearance plot as the back story for this season, which I am sure they will clean up by the season finale. But something went wrong here, they revealed too much too quickly, but in a really absurd way, most of the things dint even make sense! I was disappointed in Nathan Fillion’s emotionless attitude to what just happened to him! What’s that about? A champagne toast and off to bed with Kate where she delivers with the tears she’s held back and he’s still as wooden as a table. Where is his shock and outrage at what’s been done to him and his loved ones? I know I would be mad as hell.  Anyways I’ll still be watching and hoping for the smart, and fun individual episode!

Developed – Andrew W. Marlowe

Starring – Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan

Status – Season 7

Network – ABC

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