Action Jackson (2014) Review!!

actionjackson_coverSynopsis – Khushi is considered to be a bad omen by her friends and is known to rub off her bad luck onto others. But the day her path crosses Vishy, her luck reverses. While Vishy’s doppelganger AJ lands in town.

My Take – As much as I hate “masala” films I cant keep myself from watching them as our production houses back in Bollywood keep churning them out again & again! While not even caring much about the quality of their films. While arguably some of them are quite entertaining, the rest are downright horrid! This film comes from the man who started it all back in 2009 with Wanted, actor choreographer turned director, Prabhudeva! Eventhough he has given us quite some entertaining ones before (Wanted, R… Rajkumar & Rowdy Rathore), this time he has dished out a regressive and migraine-inducing 140 minutes of idiocracy. The film has every ingredient his films usually have – mindless story, gravity-defying action, clichéd dialogues and funny-looking villains, but this time around things have gone catastrophically wrong. The film starts off with the entry of Vishy (Ajay Devgn) in his regular fashion that’s combined with élan and style. For reasons unexplained till almost the interval, Vishy is at the target point of many goons who follow him left, right and center to bump him off. As if this wasn’t enough, there comes Khushi (Sonakshi Sinha) who ‘experiences good luck’ in succession after seeing Vishy without his pants.

Action Jackson Movie Stills  (1)With this, Vishy adds one more ‘stalker’ to his list! It’s only towards the interval that the audiences get to know that Vishy has a doppelganger by the name of ‘AJ’, who by profession was a Hitman. And then it becomes clear that the goons actually mistook Vishy to be AJ and hence followed him everywhere. And when AJ and Vishy meet, the former explains the reason to the latter and his friend (Kunaal Roy Kapur) that since he refused to marry the dreaded goon and mafia kingpin Xavier (Anand Raj)’s highly obsessed sister Marina (debutante Manasvi Mamgai), the goons are out to kill him and the love of his life Anusha (Yami Gautam). Tracking down AJ in India, Xavier sends his henchmen to India to kill AJ, which is when AJ devises a plot with the help of Vishy to destroy Xavier and his crazy sister Marina and protect his wife and new born baby. Does the simple man Vishy say yes to be a part of this risk taking plan and go to meet Marina in a foreign country, does the dreaded villain Xavier get to know about the plan of the duo, does AJ get to save the love of his life and does Khushi become truly lucky and unite with Vishy again is what forms the rest of the story. While, this could have been an entertainingly retro comic-book revenge saga, especially because it has a dashing bad girl who has more screen time, and much more neon-lit presence, than everyone else in the flick . But Prabhu Dheva doesn’t have the skill-sets to instill that knowing edge into his material. This being a Bollywood film, the look and feel of the film is that of loud South Indian films. While the film drags in the first half endlessly, the second half too barely has anything in it to hold the audience’s attention. The film has no script whatsoever and has been put together haphazardly on the editing table glued together which nonsensical graphics and animation, the weird part is – the story & the sequences resemble alot with Rowdy Rathore, just with a bigger budget! Gravity defying action sequences are a staple in his films and that is constant here too. There is a lot of play with lighting but is quite disturbing to see every action scene in a gloomy and rainy setting.

ajay-dvgn-ajAmong the performances, its Ajay Devgn’s show all the way! Whether its the comic timing of loveable goon or action sequences of the sympathetic ex hit man, he seems to be having too much fun! Only if his characters well defined, it would not have been so hard to distinguish between them especially in the 1st half. This is Sonakshi Sinha’s third film with the director and sadly she shows no growth whatsoever. She gets ample footage in the 1st half, but disappears almost completely in the 2nd half. The actress essays her usual self and nothing extraordinary to it. Yami Gautam looks radiant in every frame that she is a part of, but sadly gets under utilized as her character is shown just being brutally abused by the goons throughout the film. Debutante Manasvi Mamgai reveals quite a lot with her negative character. She looks hot and creepy at the same time, I am quite eager to see her in more roles. Kunaal Roy Kapur, as the sidekick is hilarious. His goofy appearance and funny dialogue deliveries were fun to watch. On the whole watch Action Jackson if you are a Prabhudheva or Ajay Devgan fan, because otherwise there isn’t a single dialogue you haven’t heard and this is one of the films where they say ‘Do not take your brains to the theaters’. It is an extreme downer for those expecting a full on action-packed ‘masala’ film. With a done to death plot and an absolutely nothing new to offer, the only thing that this film latches onto is Ajay Devgn who maintains his swagger well enough in this uneven, tacky & cheesy actioner.


Director – Prabhudheva

Starring – Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Yami Gautam

Rated – PG15

Run Time – 144 minutes

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