I (2015) Review!!

inSynopsis – Lingesan, a deformed hunchback who was once a body builder and a handsome model, seeks revenge on the people who ruined his life.

My Take – One thing I appreciate about Tamil movies, in comparison to all other regional language movies to come out from India, is that they dare to be different! They maintain their “masala” angle while indulging in different concepts as much as possible. Director S.Shankar is the main reason I have indulged into watching Tamil language movies, despite the huge language barrier. Shankar has a vivid imagination! Even with the simplest plot, he structures the scenes, the visuals and the emotions in the grandest way possible. The story follows Lee/Lingesan (Vikram) a body builder & an upcoming super model & a supermodel named Diya (Amy jackson) who are all set to get married, until Lee disappears and Diya is forced to marry someone else, just before the ceremony begins, she gets kidnapped by a hunchback. The same person also decides to kill another famous model John (Upen Patel), a doctor Vasudevan (Suresh Gopi), a stylist named Osoma Jasmine and a businessman Indra Kumar (Ramkumar Ganesan).

Vikram-Amy-Jackson-Manoharudu-Telugu-Movie-Stills-2Who is this hunchback? Why did he kidnap Diya? Why does he want to kill all these people? Where is Lee? Director Shankar has clearly given his own twisted turn on the classic fairy tale of Beauty & The Beast. He has come up with a romantic revenge action drama and while the presentation was rich, the narrative was great. The dialogues were top notch. The script was above average and the screenplay was well knit. Words fall short to describe the incredibly versatile performance of ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram!! His dedication and hard work show off in every frame and he proves yet again that he isn’t just an actor but a genius who even his competitors might look up to! If the first half was all about Lingesan’s ‘macho ism and Lee’s Metro sexual looks, his different avatar takes the second half by storm. This by all means will go on to become the crown jewel in Vikram’s career! British model Amy Jackson is not only gorgeous but also a very sexy and a class performer, she shows her acting versatility in this film. She sizzles in every scene she appears. Bollywood actor Upen Patel makes a very likeable comeback in a negative role. Suresh Gopi was good. Comedian Santhanam brought in all necessary smiles & provides an excellent comic relief. Of course like every big budget film, this film also shares with its negatives – The excessive run time.

IFILM-articleLarge-v2With a run time of 188 minutes, its hard to digest why certain portions in the screenplay were not avoided! Especially the 1st half which could have been shortened by 30 minutes or so, along with the lengthy fight sequences. The characterization of Suresh Gopi was bit too cliche. Having said all that, its without any doubt one can claim that Shankar is the only director who could have pulled off such an extravaganza. One can do nothing but marvel at each and every scene and the grandeur that oozes in every other frame. If Shankar’s ‘Robot’ proved to be a landmark for innovation, ‘I’ takes it several notches higher in terms of Production design & make-up – he has bettered his unrivaled self again!  Overall, the film is still amazing! just short of a masterpiece, one salutes Shankar’s vision of 3 years. Some scenes in the film do stun, and Vikram has given a performance of a life time. Honestly one loses words while talking of “I” it has to be experienced as it is mindbogglingly brilliant!!! Must watch!


Director – S. Shankar

Starring – ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram, Amy Jackson, Suresh Gopi

Rated – PG

Run Time – 188 minutes

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