Roy (2015) Review!!

Roy-Box-Office-Collection-PredictionSynopsis – Kabir Grewal, an ambitious director is on the verge of starting his new venture named GUNS PART III, based on the adroit thief Roy. Revolving around the thoughts and life of the director, the movie starts taking its shape parallel to the romantic track with Ayesha. The completion of this art and the emotions involved with it makes the plot of ROY.

My Take – I have been following this film right from its conception! With an interesting cast, soulful songs & catchy promos, this film has been easily among the most awaited films of 2015. Unfortunately the film starts and ends on one single note – blankness. Even though though the trailer had a hint of ‘noir’ genre in the trailers, I was quite excited to see how this genre tackled so limited in our country. While I am still trying to figure out what the writer intended by conveying such a senseless film, It is going to be hard to recover from this 146 minute long disappointment. The story follows Casanova filmmaker, Kabir Grewal (Arjun Rampal) is on the way to make a film on the art-thief called,”Roy”. And for his movie, he flies off to Malaysia. There he meets the pink-lipped-Anglo-Indian filmmaker, Ayesha Aamir (Jacqueline Fernandez), and eventually, after continuous repeated meetings, she becomes his muse.

roy-story_650_122614050205In parallel to this story, a scintillating chemistry develops between a tourist, Roy(Ranbir Kapoor) and the red-lipped-beauty, Tia(Jacqueline Fernandez). Who is Tia? Will Ayesha be able to reciprocate Kabir’s feelings for her? Who is Roy? What is/was he actually? How did he disappear? Find out by watching,”Roy”. Actually, wait! Don’t! The subject chosen by the movie’s debutant writer-director, Vikramjit Singh, looks and sounds good on paper, but in execution it appears so random, flat & convoluted. It is so bizarre, random and so damn convoluted, even the leading hero of the movie, Arjun Rampal, says,”Pata nahin. Yeh film kaise bani”(I’m clueless about how this film was made). You’re not alone, Arjun, we are thinking the same way too. But most of all, I pity Ranbir Kapoor who chose to do this film out of friendship. Even if we forgo the snail-paced narration, Its hard to  forgive Singh for botching up the screenplay. It probably has the worst screenplay I have seen in a long time! Yes, the music and songs are good. Period. But the score is repetitive, often sampling many of the songs’ melodies. I bet most of us have seen the best parts of the movie in the trailer! People should know, this is not a Ranbir Kapoor movie, he is in an extended cameo (or in a dynamic role), so don’t get fooled by all those posters and advertisements. If you watch this movie (which I suggest you shouldn’t) you will actually be thankful that this is not a Ranbir Kapoor movie, because nobody wants a brilliant actor like Ranbir to be associated with such a film. Arjun Rampal is awesome & suttle at the same time!

arjun_rampal_and_jacqueline_in_roy_2015-t3Surprisingly its Jacqueline Fernandez who steals with the show with her stunning looks & emotions! The lass is getting more and more attractive film after film. She has strong role here and she delivers. She also looked stunning in the belle act. Director Vikramjit Singh has made a good-looking film, no doubts!  But in his indulgence, he ignores the ‘massy’ point of acceptance and makes it too stylish and noir for the regular commercially song dance action comedy starved junta. Even the concern audience will need to have a bit of extra patience. On the whole, “Roy” is for those people, who have nothing to do to kill time. Its disappointing to see such a promising fall straight far below expectations! Even now I am now not quite sure about what really was the motive behind the movie (none as far as I can see), it might also be because I did not care at all for the movie after an hour or so. Fail!


Director – Vikramjit Singh

Starring – Ranbir Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Arjun Rampal

Rated – PG15

Run Time – 146 minutes

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