Hamari Adhuri Kahani (2015) Review!!

hamariadhurikahani-poster-nSynopsis – A women stuck in an abused marriage falls in love with a wealthy business man. Based on the ‘true’ love story of Mahesh Bhatt’s parents, Nanabhai Bhatt, Shirin Mohammad Ali and his stepmother.

My Take – There are films out there backed by a strong production house, starring well known talented actors, directed by a so far successful director & on top of that popular music going in its favor leading to all the hype & hoopla around it, yet all the positives go against it when the film is lead down by a mundane, over the top & at times ridiculous script! This Mohit Suri directed film is a perfect example for the category! Apparently based on the ‘true’ love story of Bhatt’s parents, Nanabhai Bhatt, Shirin Mohammad Ali and his stepmother, it is really hard to believe the fictionalized accounts occurring in the film could be even close to reality. The story follows Vasudha Prasad (Vidya Balan), a single mother who works in a chain of luxury hotels to raise her child, its here where she meets the owner of the hotel Aarav Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi), a self made billionaire (this seems to be going out a lot in Bollywood now days, I wonder whats the secret behind it!) who instantly falls in love with her. Yet Vasu hesitates as she is still legally married to Hari (Rajkummar Rao), an abusive husband/ wanted criminal who has been missing for the past five years.

rajWith the fear of her husband returning back in life, & affecting her son’s future, Vasu must decide if she must choose to pursue Aarav for whom she has strong feelings or just continue living her lonely life in fear. While the general synopsis of the film may seem like another run of the mill love story, its much more than that – a complete over the top cheesy snooze fest! The script written by Mahesh Bhatt & Shagufta Rafiq is all over the place, while the 1st act aims to show how the lead pairs feeling for each other develop mainly due to their scarred personal lives, the 2nd act continues down the same path, until the film totally shifts gears in the final act, as result something never feels right! The characters are meant to evoke sympathy, yet instead of rooting for them to pair up, its hard to feel anything but being creep ed out by how ‘Stalkerish’ Emraan’s character Aarav is! Why the hell does he want to take pic of her every time he leaves? (No double meaning intended, clearly a brand placement for Samsung). Plus despite her tragedies, Vidya’s Vasu seems to be blowing things out of proportion & her reactions are outlandish! For example, Aarav giving her a job in his Dubai hotel & a few songs later expressing his love for her, is assumed as an act of lust to which she decides to take a stroll in the desert towards the mainland! Its hard to think how accomplished writers could think that scene would work! Even a sub plot of Emraan Hashmi’s mother seemed forced & unnecessary. The screenplay feels so muddled with cheesy dialogues & over the top scenes, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the film decides to completely change its tone in the final act with a rushed climax. Director Mohit Suri, who has made a career for himself by ripping off (yet mostly entertaining except for his last film the mediocre Ek Villain, which is coincidentally also his most successful film yet) South Korean films, seems to be lost with an original script! While the film has an ‘Aashiqui 2’ feel & tone all over it, its neither captivating or as engaging! Even the most subtle scenes turn out to be unintentionally hilarious. The music from Mithoon, Jeet Ganguly & Ami Mishra is decent! Cinematography by Vishnu Rao is excellent. Among the performances –  Rajkummar Rao in his limited screen time excels & does best with whatever is at disposal.

hamariadhurikahaani1_jluwy_Indya101(dot)comIts sad to see talented actors like Emraan Hashmi & Vidya Balan being wasted! Its pretty obvious they have given their heart & soul to the film, maybe even one of their most career defining performances yet! Emraan Hashmi has probably entered one of the worst phase of his career, with six flops in a row (Raaz 3D back in 2012 was his last hit), if this film fails he seriously needs to rethink his decisions. On the whole, ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahaani’, is a mockery of good romantic films, its so cheesy the talented cast melt away in the film’s idiotic dialogues & unintentionally comic moments! With so much potential in a storyline which could have probably been the romantic film of the decade especially with the concept of abusive marriage being a very known & common problem of our Indian society, but instead it seemed to mock at their situation with such kind of a portrayal. PS: Mohit Suri & Bhatts please go back to doing what your good at! I know ripping off films is a not a good idea, but they seemed to be really good at it! I would rather watch another one of their rip offs than recommend this to anyone! Not even if you are an Emraan Hashmi or Vidya Balan fan!


Director – Mohit Suri

Starring – Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajkummar Rao

Rated – U

Run Time – 140 minutes

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