‘Workaholics’ Creators Team With Seth Rogen for Netflix’s ‘Game Over, Man!’!!

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It’s been a long road, but it’s looking like the consistent, guffaw-generating series Workaholics is finding a bigger audience. Or, more pointedly, people are starting to tune into how talented Anders Holm, Adam Devine, and Blake Anderson are, to say nothing of their co-creator Kyle Newacheck. Holm has been a memorable part of the ensembles in Inherent Vice, How to Be Single, and Unexpected, whereas Levine was a standout in the Pitch Perfect films and top-lines the upcoming Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. As for Anderson, he had a small role in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse and Sundance darling Dope.

They could probably do fine just continuing to take roles like these, but they have great ambitions for their comedic career. THR reports today that all three creator-actors, along with Newacheck, will partner with Seth Rogen for Game Over, Man!, an action-comedy being made for Netflix. The project is being described as “Die Hard in a hotel,” and considering its Aliens-referencing title, one might very well imagine that the film will be set in the 1980s, when both action classics came out. Rogen will produce the project alongside Scott Rudin, with Newacheck directing and Holms credited with the screenplay from a story from all four core members of the Workaholics team.

A good witty action film can retain fandom like few other genre options; horror and science fiction come in very close second and third in this regard. The Workaholics creators have certainly shown a capability of producing a myriad of big laughs for audiences, but in terms of giving action scenes any kind of snap, they are largely amateurs, despite the few action-like sequences that have come up in Workaholics. But Rogen has plenty of experience with big action, whether in something like The Interview or even the more hectic parts of the surprisingly strong The Night Before. As partners, they could make something engaging, and most importantly, a lot of freaking fun. We shall see.

via Collider

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