Steven Spielberg, Amblin Developing Alien Invasion Thriller ‘The Fall’!!


Boy, that Steven Spielberg is one busy fella. Last year, the man behind Jaws had a healthy Oscar-friendly year with the hugely undervalued Bridge of Spies, easily one of his best films  of this century alongside LincolnA.I. Artificial Intelligence, and Minority Report. He also produced Jurassic World and All the Way last year, along with a variety of TV shows ranging from The Whispers and Extant to Falling Skies and Public Morals. And this is ignoring the slew of projects that he has on the horizon following the release of The BFG last weekend, including his next film, Ready Player One, and Michael Bay‘s Transformers: The Last Knight.

Beyond that, Spielberg is also developing projects through his Amblin production label, and today brings news of a brand new project that is being worked on under that label. Empire confirms that Spielberg and Amblin are developing The Fall, an alien-invasion thriller that sounds somewhat similar to the first half of War of the Worlds; any hope that this is a remake of Tarsem Singh‘s cult movie of the same name should be well and truly dashed. According to Empire, the film is set to center on a divorced couple who must save their home-alone children during the first throes of a worldwide alien invasion.

No word as of yet on who will star in the film or who will make up the crew, but considering his heavy docket of projects, I would assume Spielberg will not helm the project, unless it’s slated for some time in mid-to-late 2020s. One hopes that they at least wrangle a director with some vision, such as Gareth Edwards or Joe Cornish, but Spielberg, as good as he is, does not always pick the right people for these jobs (see: Jurassic World). And though part of me is exhilarated by the idea of something that matches War of the Roses with War of the Worlds, time has told that divorced couples in Spielberg movies don’t stay divorced for all that long. We shall see as information about this project begins to trickle in.

via Collider

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