‘Pete’s Dragon’ Director Filmed a Secret Movie with Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara!!!


The Ain’t Them Bodies Saints gang is back together. Casey Affleck and director David Lowery are set to reunite for next year’s The Old Man and the Gun, but it turns out they already worked together on something else during the summer with Rooney Mara.

Before the release of Pete’s Dragon, Lowery told Filmmaker Magazine that he “wanted to make something small and tiny and handmade.” He continued:

I don’t know what it is yet, I’m kind of figuring it out. I had the urge to just go make something spontaneously, like I used to do. I would have an idea and go make it, either a short film or an experimental idea. Over the past few years I stopped doing that as much, and I really wanted to get back in the habit of getting some friends together and shooting something. It’s a good habit to be in as a filmmaker. I basically wrapped [post-production] on June 10th and the next day flew to Dallas and started working on whatever this thing is that we’re making.

Affleck confirmed the project on DP/30, explaining it was filmed earlier this summer with Mara and Robert Redford.

I did one this summer, with the same [crew] — it’s me and Rooney [Mara] again, who did Ain’t Them Bodies Saints — and then I’m doing one in a few months, another one with him, also in Dallas. It’s a true story about a bank robber played by Robert Redford who robbed like 30 banks and escaped from 30 prisons or something. It’s one of those weird stories you can’t believe but it was true.

Nothing else is known about the project, but The Film Stage pointed out some behind-the-scenes photos from the set posted to Instagram by cinematographer Bret Curry. See them below:





via Collider

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