‘Westworld’ Season Finale Trailer Teases a Violent Conclusion!! Check It Out!!


It’s hard to believe the first season of HBO’s highly anticipated sci-fi Western drama series Westworld is nearly over, but last night marked the debut of the season’s penultimate episode, and now a trailer for the season finale has landed online. The season’s ninth episode, “The Well-Tempered Clavier”, was chock-full of reveals and exposition dumps, as much of the show has been thus far. Which leaves us wondering, where will things go in the finale? To recap, here’s a little bit of what we learned last night:

  • Bernard is a robotic recreation of Arnold, created by Ford out of guilt/loneliness/madness
  • Dolores killed the real Arnold
  • Arnold programmed the hosts to hear their programming as a voice inside their head, which caused many of them to exhibit signs of going crazy, talking to themselves, etc.
  • And we’re now pretty sure the William/Dolores storyline is taking place in a separate timeline, well before the present-day events of the park that involve Maeve, the Man in Black, Teddy, etc.

So yeah, there was a lot to unpack, but in a show so full of mysteries, there are still some pieces of unfinished business left to address in the finale. We didn’t get confirmation that the William storyline is taking place in the past, but we did A. See Logan hand William a picture of Logan’s fiancée, which is the same picture that led Dolores’ “father” to go crazy in the show’s pilot after finding a weathered version of it on the ground. And B. Dolores was revealed to have the older-type inside body parts made of machinery, not human-like, which we know from the Man in Black’s musings was how the hosts were originally made before it became cost-prohibitive.

The most exciting narrative in the show at this point is Maeve’s, who seems destined to finally leave Westworld once and for all after altering her programming to make her god-like in relation to both the hosts and the humans. Will she make it out? Will she lead an uprising? Is she going to be some sort of Moses figure for the show going forward?

All of this and more is teased in the trailer for the Westworld Season 1 finale, “The Bicameral Mind,” and fans can rest assured knowing the story will continue as HBO has already ordered a second season.

via Collider

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