Top 5 Hollywood Actors of 2016 – A MovizArk Take!!!


While, I haven’t seen (yet) some critically well received films like Moonlight, Silence, Fences, 20th Century Women & Elle, (which I am sure would have affected my list), I have tried my best to bring down some of the best & worst to come out in 2016. Performances wise, I really do think the year belongs to Ben Affleck‘s younger sibling Casey Affleck! The very underrated Casey has been around for quite some time, but never managed to garner as much attention for his performance as the sad & gloomy Lee Chandler in Kenneth Lonergan directed film Manchester by the Sea. Despite that heartfelt performance, I do think we should not over look his performances in two other literally ignored ensemble films, the cop thriller Triple 9 & the historic survival drama The Finest Hours. Following up very close, in my opinion, would be former Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield as an all American hero Sgt Desmond Doss in the excellent Mel Gibson directed film. Its high time Garfield is taken serious as a dramatic actor and based on the reviews online, his portrayal in Martin Scorsese‘s Silence is another triumph in his every growing slate. Oh and Ryan Reynolds finally made it back into the A list category with anti hero turn in Deadpool. While, I do think John Goodman deserves to be here (for 10 Cloverfield Lane), but for those who have actually seen Todd Phillips‘s War Dogs, would agree with Jonah Hill‘s entry at no. 4. The below are in the my opinion the 5 best Hollywood performances (male) of the year :

  1. Casey Affleck – Manchester by the Sea, Triple 9, The Finest Hours
  2. Andrew Garfield – Hacksaw Ridge
  3. Viggo Mortensen – Captain Fantastic
  4. Jonah Hill – War Dogs
  5. Ryan Reynolds – Deadpool


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