‘Sandy Wexler’ Teaser Reveals Adam Sandler’s Latest Netflix Movie!!! Check It Out!!


I don’t take pleasure in writing about Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix original movie. The Ridiculous 6 lived up to its name, and I chose to pass on The Do-Over. On the other hand, who am I to judge what people like — and, based on what Netflix has said about Ridiculous 6, people do seem to like them. So, here we are.

The streaming giant released the first teaser trailer for the latest of Sandler’s offerings, Sandy Wexler. It’s set in 1994 Hollywood and centers on the titular Wexler, who sounds like a composite of Billy Madison and Bobby Boucher Jr. He’s an L.A. talent manager representing C- to D-list talent “on the fringes of show business.” But he may have to change his business model when he falls in love with his newest client, a talented singer played by Jennifer Hudson of all people.

The teaser shows Wexler obliviously interrupting a movie set, while sporting a beeper, khakis, white sneakers, and tucked-in polo shirt. Watch it below:

Netflix simultaneously announced the premiere date, which is April 14th. The cast includes some Sandler regulars — like Kevin James and Rob Schneider — as well as Arsenio Hall, Colin Quinn, Terry Crews, and Lamorne Morris.

Sandler wrote the Sandy Wexler script with Paul Sado and Dan Bulla, while Steven Brill (The Do-Over) directs. The film is the third of Sandler’s four-feature deal with Netflix, so there’s at least one more on the way.

I would love to get a peek at Netflix’s ratings, if only to get an idea of how many people are actually watching these movies. The network (we can now call Netflix a network) stated that Ridiculous 6, released in 2015, was the most-watched movie on the platform in its first 30 days. The same was not flaunted for The Do-Over, but it may not even matter all that much. If Netflix has the resources and the drive to churn out original content — which it does on both counts — then we may be seeing even more of Sandler’s flicks beyond the original deal.

via Collider


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