Ryan Murphy Lines Up New 1980s-set Non-Anthology TV Series at FX!!!

Peas and Carrots, Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Ryan Murphy and FX; some things just go together. Coming off the success of Feud, his latest anthology series on the network, Murphy has already lined up his next series. In addition to Feud, Murphy has launched FX’s hit anthology series American Horror Story and American Crime Story, but for his next project, he’ll be going back to the ongoing drama format for the first time since Nip/Tuck.

Murphy will produce the new series, a 1980s New York City-set drama caled Pose, alongside his American Crime Story collaborators Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson for an anticipated 2018 premiere. Murphy is also writing with his frequent writing partner Brad Falchuk, as well as Steven Canals, an up-and-coming writer discovered by Murphy. As is the standard for all his series, Murphy intends to direct the first episode. FX has slated production to begin this October in New York. Casting is underway for Pose, which is expected to feature mostly unknown actors.

Per Deadline, here’s the plot description:

Set in 1986, Pose examines the juxtaposition of several segments of life and society in New York City: the emergence of the luxury Trump-era universe, the downtown social and literary scene and the ball culture world.

Murphy is working like a madman these days, and now has four active series in various stages at FX. Feud just debuted to critical acclaim and will return for a second installment centered on Princess Diana and Prince Charles. He’s also prepping two future seasons of American Crime Story, Katrina and Versace, as well as the seventh season of American Horror Story, which will center on the 2016 election.

Murphy is coming off a fantastic 2016, which saw American Horror Story continue to garner ratings, even after an unusual advertising campaign that left part of the fan-base frustrated, and witnessed the awards sweep of American Crime Story, which scored two golden globes and nine Emmys.

via Collider

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