‘Bloodline’ Season 3 Trailer and First Images Tease the Rayburns’ Fall!!! Check It Out!!

Oh Bloodline. Season 1 was such a fantastic binge watch because of its murderous framing device. Season 2 then abandoned having that flash-forward setup and also lost its most compelling character, so it languished as the leads worried about the cover-up to their dark deeds. The finale of that season also added another dark deed, one that pretty much solidifies the Rayburns as bad people, even though Coach Taylor assured us in Season 1 that they only “did a bad thing.”

Netflix has now released the first trailer for the final season of the show, which I will absolutely watch because of the gorgeous scenery and fantastic acting talent, no matter what happens with the story. From the brief (and very dark, literally) trailer, it looks like it’s not John (Kyle Chandler) who will be the one to save himself, along with siblings Meg (Linda Cardellini) and Kevin (Norbert Leo Butz) from the slammer, but that it will be mom Sally (Sissy Spacek) who must come to the rescue once she learns the truth.

Check out the new trailer below:

Though the show is really ending because it became too expensive to film in Florida once the state dropped their tax incentive program last year (and the authenticity of the setting is essential to Bloodline), the show feels like it’s one that needed a fairly early natural conclusion (as Season 2 proved). There’s so much rich character drama here that it felt like a hugely missed opportunity to not dive deeper into that, especially when Andrea Riseborough‘s Evangeline showed up. Danny’s (Ben Mendelsohn) death would still, obviously, have haunted everything those characters did, with the search for truth simmering in the background, but watching everyone fret for an entire season and then commit yet another murder that will need to be covered up, well … that’s asking for a lot of patience from viewers.

Thanks to the new trailer though we also know that the show, which will run for 10 episodes this season, will premiere May 26th (so that it can provide me with the vacation to the Keys that I cannot afford). Hopefully we’ll get more hints of where the show is heading in this final season soon, but in the meantime, let us know in the comments what you hope happens in these final episodes.


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix


Image via Netflix

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