‘The Purge’ TV Series Will Be Fairly Purgeless!!

I’m very curious to see what Blumhouse chooses to do with The Purge TV show. They could have easily made it an anthology series with each new season playing out as an extended and in-depth version of the films. And the TV show format gives them the freedom to go anywhere and leave behind the arc of the resistance a bit if they wanted to. James Monaco‘s concept is so fabulous because there are infinite possibilities to it. What happened on the first Purge? What happens in rural America? What happens in prisons? (Assuming there are at least a couple of those kicking around.) The Purge has always been a fabulous high-concept horror idea.

For the series, it looks like they’re choosing to flesh out the world rather than keep it Purge-centric. At the NBC Universal upfront, Jason Blum told reporters that in addition to the Purge itself, “it will reveal to the fans what happens the other 364 days of the year and how that law affects people.”

Purge is scheduled to run on both USA Network and Syfy in 2018. Blumhouse and Universal will also release a new Purge film next year so get ready for a whole load of legally sanctioned murder.

via Collider

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